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How to gain maximum free Internal Storage space

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndyOpie150, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus
    Thread Starter

    This is going to sound very strange, but it worked to achieve the most amount of free space on the internal for me.

    Make a partition on your sd card that's no more than 20% of the actual user space available. 1-2GB's is sufficient for Link2SD and other sd ext scripts (this means you need at least an 8GB sd card/20% of a 4GB sd card is less than 80MB's)

    First: Start from scratch (delete all user apps).
    Install App Manager lll.
    Open up app. Wait for it to do it's thing. Now hit back button until you see it's normal screen
    Close app.
    Using a good Root file manager, move the App2SD folder to the external SD card.
    Open up the app and in the settings, edit the path to Folder to read: /storage/external_SD/App2SD/export
    Go back to the internal sd using the file manager and make sure the App2SD folder is not there.

    Reboot phone.

    Now double check to make sure you only have the folder on the external sd (if one is on the internal sd card, then delete it).

    Now you can really move apps to the external SD and have them function properly.

    Install Link2SD and set it up properly, just don't set to auto link (ext.4 worked best for me).

    Now install your apps one at a time. Move those apps that can be moved with App Manager lll to the external sd first (with the exception of apps larger than 40MBs which you should link with Link2SD instead), and all others that can't with Link2SD (making sure you create links to the lib files if that option is open for that app).
    Now go back while still in Link2SD and link all apps you moved with App Manager lll to the external sd (told you it would seem very stange).
    Once linked those should say: on SD Card, Linked -> SD Card.

    Now delete all unused pre-installed apps with Link2SD that you don't use (just the pre-installed bloatware).

    Having done this, I have 80 user installed apps and still have just over 700MB of free internal.
    This worked the best, even better than just linking all apps with Link2SD.

    Note: If you have CWMod recovery installed then you don't need to use Titanium Backup, just make a new nandroid backup with the recovery once a week to keep up with any changes you make to the stock ROM (deleting/installing apps and changes to system).
    Once you verify the nandroid backup is good, then delete the old one.

    Note ll: I use Easy Cache Cleaner and SD Maid (pro version) to clean caches, corpses, and system caches. I clean the log files of the Superuser app as well as my call logs and stock browsers history, caches, etc.


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  2. guxu

    guxu Member

    It is sort of opposite in my case. I have Play Store linked (including data) without any issue. But when the Google Play Services was linked, it popped up some updates messages whenever the phone was rebooted. I think it only happened when the data was linked. And the Play Service seemed still working even with the pop-up. But it was kind of annoying, and to be safe, I left the Google Play Services in internal.
  3. guxu

    guxu Member

    Can Link2SD+ (paid version) move the data files and obb in internal (fake) SD card? The files are in /data/media/0/Android/.

    If so, Link2SD+ is the only app we need. Otherwise, Link2SD+ and FolderMount (paid version) can move almost all user apps to external (real) SD card. I use neither Link2SD+ nor FolderMount. I have my own scripts but I believe the ideas are the same. I did not un-install any pre-installed apps (but I did freeze some). With about 60 user apps installed, including large games like GT Racing 2 - 893MB and Angry Birds Go - 628 MB, I still have 1.22 GB internal free space left. I might be able to squeeze more, e.g. link or remove the dictionary files used by the pre-installed translator app, but I do not feel the needs.
  4. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tested with paid version of Link2SD. Finances wiped out due to rare genetic disorder that's killing me. In hospital right now.
    A lot of people can only afford free versions of apps.
    Try gaining as much free storage space as you can any other way you can with free apps, scripts, etc.
    If you get better results let me know and I'll be the first to try.
    The way I gained max free space on the internal might just suprise you though, even as odd as it looks.
    80 Installed user apps (one almost 200MB's and a lot more in the 30-50MB range) and I still have 700MB's of free internal space.
    If you can top that, I'm in.
  5. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    You can do it in KitKat, works flawlessly. :p
    sammyz has done it

    I symlinked all apps to external SD card. My ext4 partition is 6GBs (16GB SD card). Everything works flawlessly. If you ever restore a backup, you will have to click the button on the top left in link2sd to:
    1. Recreate mount script (reboot after before doing everything else)
    2. Relink all app files
    3. Clean all app caches
    4. Clean all davik-cache
    5. Clean 2nd partition
    6. Link dalvik-cache files
    7. Relink library files
    8. Reboot

    If you only do step 1, you will get "Optimizing apps" every single boot. If you do all the above, you will get it that one boot after reboot and never again.

    Also, there was already a Link2SD guide in here:
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  6. AndyOpie150

    AndyOpie150 <strong> <a href="http://androidforums.com/optimus
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for info on the PlayStore sammyz.

    This guide actually uses App Manager lll and Link2SD to achieve even more free internal storage space, not just Link2SD.
  7. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    [​IMG] using link2sd and foldermount both paid, $4 total
  8. voidci

    voidci Member

    how did you get real racing on there omg
  9. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    I could probably get it on here a second time, they work well (foldermount with link2sd).
  10. voidci

    voidci Member

    could you explain? :D
  11. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    I have my 8Gb sd card partitioned half fat32 format and the other half ext2 format. Link2sd will symlink most of that apps files to the sd card, and then I use foldermount to link the files that are not supported by link2sd.
  12. guxu

    guxu Member

    Cool. I bet you did not bother to link or mount some "small" apps. Otherwise, it is easy to have 1GB+ free internal space. How did you make screen captures?
  13. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    I have linked nearly all my "user" apps, even the smaller ones, I need to count them just for fun, I have MANY. To take screenshot hold power + vol-
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  14. guxu

    guxu Member

    Then, there must be some files on yout internal SD card, which you may be able to foldermount it.

    Power + vol- does not work for me. Are you using the stock rom?
  15. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    I have not found any other roms, and I'm afraid to move things I'm not sure of cause this is my daily phone, and I am still kind of a noob. As far as the screenshot, I looked it up on google, it's always worked for me. You have the ms323?
  16. guxu

    guxu Member

    Got the screenshot working. I guess my case is too stiff and I did not press the keys right. Thank you!
  17. brentwag

    brentwag Newbie

    Glad I could help! :)
  18. voidci

    voidci Member

    I think that would be more useful to new rooters as a guide...I followed this and it really did help me... Now I can install whatever I want without a worry that it will take too much space haha thanks man

    Attached Files:

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  19. Cypha14

    Cypha14 Newbie

    I was skeptical about this method but when I tried it it actually worked I have now freed up 1. 12 gigabytes of internal memory. some apps like bubbleupnp and Google Play services could not be linked without adverse effects. But overall this works great thanks again. By the way I made a 2 gigabyte partition using ext 2 from a 32 gigabyte micro SD card :)
  20. Cypha14

    Cypha14 Newbie

    I tried this but my boot time is still super slow . any suggestions?
  21. Cypha14

    Cypha14 Newbie

    Found the problem android tuner free was trying to run link2sd script during boot,even tho I didn't ask it to. uninstalled and boot speed is good again (some apps/tools do more harm than good) sorry for my nubishness &#128516;

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