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How to get 3g signal

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Network 3G, Mar 20, 2016.

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    I'm using a galaxy s3 korean version (SHVE210L) here in the Philippines. My problem is that I never get a 3G signal the signal is always 2G that is why i cannot rely on my data network. What could be the possible solution? Thank you


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    Post #4 by Jfalls63, Mar 20, 2016 (3 points)
  3. The_Chief

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    Contact your provider and see if they have 3G service in your area. Your phone cannot receive what isn't there.
  4. chanchan05

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    1. Make sure you have 3G active in the phone. Go to settings>network connections>more networks>mobile networks. You should be using WCDMA/GSM or WCDMA only. WCDMA is 3G. If you have GSM only, then you have the 3G antenna turned off, so you obviously won't get a 3G signal.

    2. Make sure there is 3G coverage in your area. Do other phones have 3G in your area?

    3. Make sure your network supports the phone. I think your phone will work with Globe 3G, since it has 850/2100 bands. It won't work for Smart who uses 1900/2100 bands, and your phone does not have 1900.
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    LOL. According to that website, I mixed up the networks the phone 3G should work on. Should work on Smart, not on Globe.
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    Is that a Korea only CDMA or Docomo version or something? Which probably has 2G GSM as well, but not 3G HSDPA modes, which would be required in Philippines.

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