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(How to) get a web page from computer to phone.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mr.Slave, May 23, 2010.

  1. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is the fastest way that I know of right now to get a web page displaying on your PC in a browser to your phone. You will need the following applications; Either Google Chrome and QR-tag extension generator(for Chrome), or Firefox and QR-tag extension generator(for Firefox) , and this one for your phone Barcode Scanner v3.3 Application for Android you don't have to use this app there are many others out there(doesn't have to be an Incredible phone either).

    It should be pretty easy to figure this out now that you see the apps involved but I will explain. First is the obvious, you need to get all apps installed and running on both pieces of hardware. Second when you are on the web page you would like to take with you you simply click on the QR-Code app in your toolbar of Chrome and it will display a QR-code then open your QR-Code reader on your phone and line up the QR-code in its sights. Then simply select web browser and your there.

    You will notice on androilib's website they use QR-code's as well. Simply line up your reader and select web browser and it will take you to the app in the Market on your phone.

    Thought I would share this as I have nothing to do on this windy Sunday afternoon in Southern California. I would normally be surfing.

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  2. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    QR code gen for Chrome is awesome :) thanks
  3. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Don't be shy with the Thanks button its much easier than posting and your welcome.
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  4. contagous

    contagous Android Expert

    I guess tbh, I think the Thanks button is stupid and pointless, and would much prefer to thank someone in person :) mush more legit and i get to say what i want. Thanked you anyways
  5. jakeh0

    jakeh0 Well-Known Member

  6. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It appears people find this "how to" useful so I am giving it a little bump. Thats all now move along.
  7. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    ive been doing this since i got the phone lol... glad everyone else is too
  8. Lars

    Lars Android Expert

    Opera browsers sync links across platforms. Make it a favorite on the pc and it shows up on mobile versions ota. FYI
  9. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Once we get Froyo this will work but for now its a no go.

    To comment on Opera. I for one don't like the layout of Opera and two you don't have to create a link so there is no clutter that you have to clean up after you pull the page up on your phone with the QR-code method. But I'm not trying to tell you how to do anything just trying to help others that don't use Opera I guess.
  10. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Glad to see some people getting to use this cool method.
  11. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member

    Extension Doesn't work for Firefox 3.6.3
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  12. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thank you and its now fixed!
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  13. whitenoiz

    whitenoiz Well-Known Member

    I just send the link to my Gtalk =/

    My problem is sending a page FROM PHONE to the computer :p
  14. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Anybody can send a link to their phone but not many can take a picture of their screen and have it show up on their phone.

    Do you have a web cam? You can do the opposite if you do.
  15. jryan727

    jryan727 Member

    I like it!

    I'm not sure if it's quicker than quickly IMing it to myself, but it's close.. and pretty cool
  16. koolaid25

    koolaid25 Newbie

    That is cool!!

  17. Maddingo

    Maddingo Member

    When I click the icon next to the address bar I get-"There was an error sending:Error (User Unknown)"

    What am I doing wrong?
  18. XXXdc5

    XXXdc5 Android Enthusiast

    man i couldnt remember for the life of me the 2 damn letters of the stupid code. i was google searching "VR code generator" like WTF it shouldnt be this hard to find. hahhahaha
  19. Mr.Slave

    Mr.Slave Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thats odd. Have you tried uninstalling and giving it another try? User unknown......that sounds like the browser isn't being recognized, could be another extension like an ad-blocker masking the browser identity.
  20. XXXdc5

    XXXdc5 Android Enthusiast

    the firefox plugin is such a time saver haha. i love it
  21. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    I use a program called "evernote". Just copy and paste in a note and open it on any device I want.

    Works well for transferring pics and other stuff also...
  22. starogreen

    starogreen Member

    Forgive my ignorance....where is the "QR toolbar" in chrome? I cannot seem to find it...
  23. zombii matt

    zombii matt Well-Known Member

    thanks a lot this is a huge help. where is so cal are you btw?

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