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How to get audio when screen is turned off?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pose, May 30, 2010.

  1. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I use HTC Legend with Copilot Live 8 as a GPS on motorcycle rides. I put the Legend in my pocket, plug in a pair of headphones and use the audio instructions to get to my destination.

    Now, the problem is that when I turn the screen completely off, Copilot audio turns off as well. The program itself continues running and tracking my progress, but I don't get audio turn-by-turn instructions. So Copilot works fine but having the screen on in my pocket drains the battery for no reason.

    I don't know if this is a limitation of Copilot or Android or Legend - but is there a way to turn off the screen while I still get audio to save battery?

    Also, is there an easy solution to run audio from an iPod to the same set of wired headphones while getting GPS guide from Legend? Is a cheap splitter cable the easiest solution?

  2. Try using the Volume hard keys to increase the volume...if this does not work try re-installing the app....Legend can still play the audio even when the screen is locked...I listen to Music when I'm riding my Bike....so try the above...do reply if it works
  3. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Member

    As from my experience with other sat-nav's - it only works when screen is on. Once the screen is off, Legend turns off its GPS antena and the signal is lost. When i turn it back on - once again i have to wait until it gets a fix on a few satellites. Maybe there is a way to overcome this issue, but i dont know about it yet...

    And as for music - yep, legend plays music well when the screen is off.
  4. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Increasing volume doesn't work, unfortunately. I can have the backlight off, but the screen has to be on for it to work :(
  5. arzme

    arzme Newbie

    imho it is the app. most navigation app will prevent the phone from going to screen saver mode. if it does turn off the screen, then ppl will complain tht the app keep going to screen saver then how to see wht is up ahead on the map. thus i think when u hit the power button to go into screen saver mode, it like practically telling the app, "Shut up n turn the screen off, i don't need ur guidance for the moment."

    most navigation app are meant for cars where they can plug-in to charge the phone while the navigation app is running thus no issue of battery drained.
  6. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I noticed that Copilot has an option for backlight to turn it "On Near Turn." Unfortunately it doesn't work, and when the Android system screen timeout activates the screen turns black, and doesn't come back until I press the power button, even near turns.

    A query to Copilot has been unanswered for over a week.
  7. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I finally received a response from Copilot tech support:

    So the only remedy is to turn the backlight/brightness to lowest level.

    An even better solution would be if someone would write a program which would fool Android OS to think that the screen is on although it's off - this way Copilot (and any other program) would continue functioning normally, while saving battery when screen is not needed.

    Anyone? :)

    edit: seems to be a bug.
  8. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Update: still not working with the latest version of Copilot and Android 2.2

    Is there an app that would force screen to turn off while keeping everything else working (audio, GPS).
  9. ryaske

    ryaske Lurker

    same problem with Atrix using copilot.

    I have searched high and low to find gps navigation apps that have waypoint/route adjustment ability and text to speech for the street names. I found two, Sygic and CoPilot. I like CoPilot better.

    Sygic audio won't work period for some reason (developers never responded).

    coPilot works great, except when i turn the screen off. Unbelievable.

    I just want to find a navi app w/ route adjustment (travel via/waypoints/multiple destinations) AND text to speech that can route me via audio only. Since I'm on a motorcycle and my phone goes in my pocket, I can't just leave the screen on.

    Any ideas, I would love to hear them. Can't find an app that just locks the screen nor fools apps into thinking the phone is still awake. I would die for any one of these solutions

    found this thread via google and i'm subscribed-- please reply with any ideas..
  10. pose

    pose Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I found a way after fiddling forever with CoPilot. Not sure if it's because I turned on the motorcycle option in CoPilot, but now the screen turns off after the time designated by my phone, but audio still works :) In CoPilot options choose backlight to "turn on near turns" which does what it says, but saves a lot of battery power outside of cities.

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