Help How to get back to stock


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Have a Google pixel currently on tmobile, rooted and running pure nexus. My last update was in April. I would like to go back to completely stock, where i can take ota updates. Does anyone have a step by step instructions on how to do this, or if someone doesn't mind, maybe walk me through the process so i don't screw my phone up. Would appreciate it. Thanks


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Techno Bill, one of the Google TCs over at the Pixel User Community, put together a great guide for how to manually flash a factory image, which is the best and easiest way to get back to a bone-stock configuration:

How to Flash a Pixel With A Factory Image

You'll want to use one of the Marlin builds listed here:

I'd go for 7.1.2 (N2G47O, May 2017).

Bill's guide does a better job of providing step-by-step instructions than I ever could, but let me know if you run into issues or have any questions.

Good luck!