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How to get data from a SD card formatted as internal storage?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Pchen876, Feb 17, 2019.

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    Issue Description
    Manufacturer: motorola
    Model: Moto G (5) Plus
    Build: motorola/potter/potter:8.1.0/OPSS28.85-17-4/28698:user/release-keys
    Sku: XT1687
    Android Version: 27
    App Version:
    RW Number:■■■■
    Iccid: 8901260961178430152
    Sim Type: GSM

    Every time I tried to do anything, including republic wireless command, the phone restarted. It complained about micro sd missing. but I was able to start the apps on SD drive for a minute or two before the phone restarted. So the data was still there. After I took out. the SD card, the phone does not automatically restart. But it was pratically useless. Even though my internal storage only used 20 out of 32G of memory, But I cannot take a photo, because it complained that there was not enough memory. So does when I tried to download a single photo. from the web.

    I used a SD card reader with the SD on my PC, but it did not recognize the file system. I learned that once you formatted the sd card as internal memory, no other device can read the data. Is it still true? The republic wireless support told me to reformat the SD card. I am not willing to do that until I can back up the data. Is there a way to get the data on the SD card?

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    The only way you can get the data back is if the phone itself can read it. Then you can copy off via USB, upload to your favourite cloud, email it to somewhere or whatever. But there is no other solution.

    When you format an SD as internal it will format it with an ext4 filesystem (Linux standard) and encrypt it, just like the internal storage. The encryption is the problem. And it's not a matter of "still" being like that, this is by design and will not change.

    As for your internal storage, how much space do you have free? Most utilities that describe disk usage are either unreliable or misleading, so I trust "space free" more than "space used".
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