How to Get Go Lancher as Defualt lancher


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Hello all i am new to this forum and the amazing mobile Os of Android. I have acquired my first smart phone and although it is not particularly powerful for my nerd like standers it gets the job done with not to much lag although i can only use the stock browser because others lag far to much.(Firefox for android is indeed a disappointment) but the tabbed Dolphin Brower does just fine. The phone runs Gingerbread 2.3.7 but that is to be expected as the phone is rather low specs . I indeed like the fact that Android is open which means anybody can make an app for it which is great and it being based on Linux pretty much automatically got my seal of approval. The only problem i have with android is that updates for the OS is currently a mess.Auto correct for the phone also well it suck( Sorry Android). I am also glad that this fourm makes it nice and easy to register as the easy tradition of doing it is going away in a lot of forums( Errors nothing but errors on some)

To the problem. It seems Go launcher or any launcher will not default. I have cleared the defaults of the default launcher but it still comes up. It is not the phone as someone has the same model as me and after an update it happily asks what launcher to start and default. I have also defaulted the default launcher on that phone went through the same steps as my phone and got GO launcher as defaulting on that phone perfectly. Any help would be appreciated:)

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