How to get JellyBean if you have an EE/o2/Orange phone etc


If, like me, you have an EE or other carrier branded phone, which will likely take months to release the official Jellybean update via Kies (if ever), and you're sick of waiting around for it. Take the plunge and do what i did.

This is how i went about doing it.

1.Firstly my phone is SIM unlocked. I purchased a code from Ebay to unlock it (I'm on GiffGaff). I dont know if you must do this as part of the process.

2. Download your original backup firmware. For me this was I8160XXLL2 EE firmware found here:

Firmwares | SamMobile

3. Download a GingerBread based BTU firmware for the UK unlocked phone.
I downloaded I8160XXLK7 From:

Firmware archive | Samsung Updates

Then it was simply a case of downloading Odin, and followthing this guide:

I flashed the BTU firmware using Odin. Booted the phone. Did two factory resets and cleared cache.
When i reconnected the phone to the computer and connected Kies, Kies found an update (MC8! :):):)).

I then allowed Kies to download and install JellyBean onto my phone.

I now have JellyBean and the BTU firmware. The OS is running perfectly, yes it is a little bit laggy but by disabling all the Samsung apps and other things you wont use, it does speed it up quite a lot. I also reboot the phone after play store has done updates to apps as it seems to speed it up.

I could have simply flashed JellyBean with Odin as well, but something stopped me from using that method, and i decided to let Kies do the work. To be honest i'm surprised kies even updated it, i was under the impression it wont once youve flashed with odin?

Anyway its like a new phone now! Hope this helps someone waiting on an official carrier release which could take months, if ever...


This worked for me too, but my phone is not as responsive anymore.

Will I be able to flash my original O2 gingerbread firmware back using Odin? I don't want to try it incase I brick my phone.


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There are instructions on how to restore gingerbread in the jelly bean update thread.

There is no question, Gingerbread runs leagues better on this phone. However, given time Samsung will helpfully release new firmware revisions to fix the bugs. That probably won't be for a year at least though.