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Support How to get Kies to work (Vista 32bit)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by charlie250571, Jul 29, 2010.

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    Jul 29, 2010

    Jul 29, 2010
    Tried all the suggestions (uninstalling/reinstalling software, uninstalling/reinstalling device drivers, unmounting and formatting memory card) in various forums I could find to try and get Kies (version running on Vista 32bit to connect my Samsung Galaxy S, but to no avail. The phone just kept trying to connect, getting stuck in an endless loop.

    Whilst I could connect in mass storage mode so i could at least backup files if i needed, I wanted to have access to Kies mode so that i can update my firmware without any problems (hopefully) when a new one is released. i know their are various "unofficial" ways of updating the firmware, but I prefer to stick to a "legit" firmware for my phone.

    I spoke to a tech support guy from samsung australia, who informed me that their seems to be a problem with the MTP device driver contained in certain versions of the Windows Media Player, and that a FULL factory reset of the phone has worked for some people.

    The following is different to the reset found in SETTINGS -> PRIVATE -> FACTORY RESET.

    This will still wipe your phone, so ensure your contacts and any other important data files are backed-up, but it also FORMATS the phones system/drivers back to their original state.

    Bring up the phones dial-pad, and enter the follwing code:

    Once you enter this, the phone will display a message saying not to touch and buttons and a full factory reset is about to commence. It then proceeds to display a command-line type interface, showing the formatting status. This only takes a few seconds, whereby the phone will then reboot and load back to the same condition as when you first unboxed it and turned it on.

    From here, you can connect the USB cable to the PC, where (for me at least) the phone will say connected, and you can then run the Samsung Kies program on your PC where it should then show your phone is connected.

    Good luck; post your feedback if this helps.



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