Help how to get new gameloft games on the x10?


Dec 2, 2009
Canada, Eh?
Really want to try out some of these gamester and they should work because in one of the videos they released it shower the x10..... any ideas? I can only get access to the wap store with the 2d games
Use the Dolphin HD browser with the User Agent set to Desktop.

That said you'll probably have to tell them you're using a different handset in order to get the games, and theres no gaurantee they'll work (I've done that with my Desire for Dungeon Hunter, which said it wasn't available for my handset, said I had a Droid and it works fine - may not work for the X10 of course).

Be aware of Gamelofts DRM policy though - once paid for the purchase is only good for one download (so that you can't uninstall it and reinstall it on the same device, let alone future handsets as you can with Android software available from the Market).
yes, i'm aware of their messed up policies... however; you can't pirate the game loft games for some reasons.... when I try to open the file it just says it isn't compatible with my phone when it clearly is... atleast thats what i heard :]
Hmmn, sorry, didn't realise you were after advice on how to pirate the games, you're on your own there. If you wanted to purchase them then try following my advice, theres no legitimate alternative right now I'm afraid.
Noo, I was not asking help to pirate the games, I was searching for assistance on how to legally purchase the games... anyways I tried your method, and it still directs me to the x10 wap site, i do not know why, but it does, any other suggestions?
Oh, ok, and you definitely had the User Agent set to desktop in Dolphin HD? Strange, works for me.

Alternately purchase it from a desktop browser, they'll text you a download link for your phone.