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How-to get phone 'recognized"

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by 69Rixter, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. 69Rixter

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    I hope there are some "old school" phone techs here? I have a Samsung GalaxyS 1 model SHW-M110S that is rooted. I want/need to upgrade the O.S. For over 2 yrs. I've been thwarted from doing so because I cannot get the phone to be "recognized/mounted/ or in any way acknowledged by either a computer or a upgrading program(i.e. Odin or Kies). I've used MSWin7 and LM17.3. LM17.3 did see the hardware (showed i.d.) but did not /wouldn't "mount" the phone. There has to be something simple I'm not doing , but I cannot figure out what that may be. I've been all over the "net" posted in several forums, read how-to's till I'm cross-eyed but with no success!! Hoping someone can help me out. I'd hate to throw this phone in the trash!
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  2. Mikestony

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    Hello Rick!
    Your other thread got deleted where I replied to, to try Sammobile.com , but you stated that was of no use?
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    Yea, it reads as though I was being trite. Belive me that was not the case. I had been to Samsungmobile and Sammobile and neither was of benefit. Yes, with the likes of their names, one would think that would be the ultimate place to fo for Samsung software. That is not rhe case for this phone. I found a few sites that stll offer the driver for this phone but the problem is I just cannot get this phone to mount or be recognized by any computer nor software programs. Got to figure that out before anything else can be accomplished. Thanx for responding!

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