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How to get rid of "Facebook Pop"

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by nscoAIHSCIAUSDHLAISD, Mar 2, 2016.


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    It's been a an annoying and persistent thing, but every time I open up my music player app, "Facebook Pop" always appears in my music list. I've tried deleting it multiple times but it keeps coming back

  2. Hadron

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    It's probably part of the ROM if you can't delete it.

    The usual way of hiding files from the music player is to put a file called ".nomedia" in the directory containing them. But if the reason you can't delete it is that you don't have write access to the directory then that won't work.

    Does your music player let you choose which directories it searches for music (via the app's settings)? That would be the simplest fix. I know that PowerAmp lets me do this, and also has a setting to ignore short tracks (below some number of seconds that you specify), either of which would fix this, but I don't know what app you are using (manufacturers' own apps usually have fewer features).

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