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How to get rid of the default notification sms sound?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Toyletbowl, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Toyletbowl

    Toyletbowl Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I managed to get my own custom notification tune, but before the tune is played, there will be a short notification "beep" tone played first followed by my custom message tone, sometimes it comes after my custom message tune and it cuts away my custom tune to a halt.
    I cant seem to find that particular standard notification "beep" to delete away from being played whenever i get a message:mad:

  2. dannyhoy

    dannyhoy Lurker

    ive got the same issue any help guys???
  3. My phone plays the custom notificaton for a few days then reverts back to the default sound and the custom file is unrecognizable. tried .mp3 and .wav files. Any thoughts?
  4. byngo

    byngo Newbie

    Are you using another sms application? If so you need to disable the notification settings in the stock application leaving hancent / Chomp or whatever to play the notification sound that you set.

    Otherwise I can only relate to a problem I had getting my own sms ringtone to be recoginsed in the SMS application in the first place.
    I got round it by using an app called ringdroid from the market. It lets you modify any mp3 file into any edited length you want (but you dont have to edit if your file is what you want already) but the best part is that the app gives you the options of saving the file as a notification and sets it as such for you.

    Maybe this will solve your problems.
  5. Not using another application. I was hoping I would not have to try an application to get it to work but I'll give ringdroid a try. Thanks.

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