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how to get ringtones

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by AT1988, May 24, 2011.

  1. AT1988

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    I know it sounds basic, but I'm new to the Android. Today I bought an LG Phoenix, and of course I could not transfer my Blackberry bold 9700 ringtones from my comp to the Android because they are mp3.rem, same for two pictures I wanted to transfer. I want certain songs, tho the ringtone versions of them and I'm wondering where I should go to get them for my phone. I tried the Thumbplay download and when I try to download it, all I get is a white screen with some text, and nothing downloads.

    Thank you, I do really like this phone!

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  2. Just make your own. Download MP3Trim, a free program, and trim your own mp3's to about 30 seconds or so. Then put on the SD card in the Media/Audio/Ringtones or Media/Audio/Notifications folder.
  3. HashAttack

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    Isn't there an option for using music you loaded onto your phone as ringtones?
  4. Usta

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  5. El Presidente

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    You can also create a folder on the SD Card called "Ringtones" (minus the quotes) and place the MP3's you want in there. They should then appear in the list of selectable ring tones.
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