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I want to learn how to create my own cyanogenmod ROMs from scratch but there are so many sources whenever I look and none of them are the same. I figured on of you guys could get me started on the right track.:thinking:


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Do you mean "take existing software packages, put them into a bundle and release them as a ROM" or "write the code to run an Android phone"? Both are "creating a ROM".


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Pulling stuff from Github and creating cyanogenmod ROMs from sources. Thats what I mean.

Welllllll....I'm not exactly sure what your level of expertise is but obviously CM doesn't compile anything official that will run on our device without further development. Team Hydra (Dastin on XDA) has already done the work necessary to run CM and is specifically linked to on CM's website. If you like to reinvent the wheel and want to start from scratch as the person above just mentioned, you're probably in the wrong place and I assume that's not what you're talking about.

Anyways without further delay here:

If you want to build your own from scratch stick to the CM website here: CyanogenMod Downloads

Edit: Mazda (AOKP) has a guide for building from AOKP sources on his website and have always wanted to mess around and see if it worked. If interested in trying your hand at AOKP here's the guide he posted: