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How to get the delivered check mark back?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nunyabizness, May 17, 2010.

  1. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    OK, so just to clarify, this isn't another one of those "Why doesn't my message show as delivered?" threads. I already know it CAN be done, I found that out accidentally. It worked once, but I don't know how to make it work again!

    What I did when it worked: I sent my sister a message and then quickly switched over to iheartradio. Her message wasn't sending and the station was stuck at connecting, so I power cycled the phone. Then the message sent and to the right of it there's a green circle with a check mark. If I touch that, it says "Report" and then the receiver's name and "Status: Received." Sooo...does this only work when there's an error to begin with or what?!

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  2. tehmonker

    tehmonker Newbie

    I would also like to know this
  3. DroidAV8R

    DroidAV8R Android Enthusiast

    Are you talking about the Sense SMS/MMS? If so, enter the main message screen (where your SMS/MMS/VVM are all consolidated). Once there, tap the menu button, tap settings, then make sure that there is a green check mark next to "Delivery Reports" under both the SMS and MMS headers. Then hit the back key and try typing a new message.

    This worked for me, but I don't get a check mark. Instead, I get an envelope icon with a little "i" on it. When I tap and hold the icon, I get a pop-up menu to view including the option "view report." Once I select that, I get a notification saying the message was delivered.
  4. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    maybe try while in messages>settings>request delivery report
  5. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    Keep in mind, if you don't have unlimited txt's I'm pretty sure the "report" gets charged as a txt.
  6. seVer

    seVer Android Expert

    no it doesnt. and delivery confirmation only works within verizon. you will not get confirmation when sending to other networks.
  7. jayno20

    jayno20 Android Enthusiast

    I get a check next to every text I send via handcent. It is an option in handcent to request a "delivery report from carrier". Ever since I checked that now I am getting notified after the text is fully sent.
  8. seVer

    seVer Android Expert

    @ Jayno - there's a difference between "Sent report" and "Delivery report". a "sent" checkmark just means that it's been accepted by the carrier. a "delivered" checkmark means that the carrier has confirmed delivery to the recipient.

    to my knowldge, at this time and regardless of phone, no carrier has the ability to confirm delivery to other carriers. thus, to that logic, you will not get delivery confirmation for non-vzw numbers.
  9. jayno20

    jayno20 Android Enthusiast

    I get both with that option... At first it shows a little blue clock, and then after the party has received it the icon then turns into a green check mark. Unless of course they are on another carrier, then it just stays a blue clock
  10. 06jeepguy

    06jeepguy Newbie

    Yep this works great got back one the things i was missing coming from a BB :D
  11. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I am still puzzled! I'm trying the suggestions and it's still not working. :( I did forget to mention I'm on Handcent as well. I've tried selecting the "Notify when message is received (needs carrier support)" option under "Sent message notifications" in Handcent, and I've tried selecting "Delivery reports" in the default messaging app. I've tried them together and individually and I still can't get it.

    Is that option the one I mentioned above?
  12. jayno20

    jayno20 Android Enthusiast

    It sounds like it, in Handcent it gives me the option to see an icon by the message when the message has sent and when the message was delivered to the person I sent it to. I am not sure if thats exactly what you want or not. It is the same kind of deal I used to have on my old "dumb" phone (LG Dare) so it works for me :)
  13. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The green circle with the check mark, right? Yep, that's what I want...why the $%&@ won't it work for me again?! :mad:
  14. 06jeepguy

    06jeepguy Newbie

    Here's what worked for me settings/retrieve message setting/ I checked the first two (delivery reports and handcent D report. Then under sent notifications have it disabled selected Hope that fixes you're prob
    nunyabizness likes this.
  15. neeshu89

    neeshu89 Lurker

    is there a way to do this not in handscent?
  16. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Perfect! That worked JeepGuy...thanks! :)
  17. 06jeepguy

    06jeepguy Newbie

    no prob glad I could someone for once :p
  18. chaimpeck

    chaimpeck Lurker


    I am having the exact same issue. I would be greatly appreciate if somebody here could help. JeepGuy - I did exactly what you described. What phone are you using?

    I am using the Samsung Fascinate. I have never had an issue with this with any previous phone.

    Thanks for any help.

    - Chaim
  19. chaimpeck

    chaimpeck Lurker

    Actually, nunyabizness, I notice you're also using a Samsung Fascinate. Is there anything else that you did to get this to work? Is there something that I'm missing? I have reset the phone to factory defaults and installed a fresh handcent.

    I would really appreciate any help with this.

  20. nunyabizness

    nunyabizness Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I was using an Incredible at the time I posted this thread. I'm now using the Fascinate, but as of right now, it doesn't work on it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :( Maybe when we get 2.2. :)

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