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How to go from 3g to 2g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vickpoore, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. vickpoore

    vickpoore Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm new here and with this phone.
    My battery drains our completly in 5 hours tops...
    ive downloaded the advanced app killer and its working like for a half hour extra... still trying to solve the problem.
    i was told to put the phone in 2g but i cant seem to do it... dont know how, its my first phone with android...
    Help anyone???


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  2. colpolite

    colpolite Newbie

    Settings - Wireless Controls - Mobile Networks - Network Mode

    Make sure Network Mode is GSM only, WCDMA is 3g
  3. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    Turning off data traffic will help your battery life but obviously limits the phones usefulness in regards to some of its features.

    The battery can take a week or so to bed in and get to full charging potential. You can also do things like not have polling for apps like email / facebook / twitter set up too regularly, try only every hour if you do use them.

    Certain applications in themselves can drain battery, I had two different battery apps that killed my phones battery far quicker than without one. So have a look at what you have installed... it may be a rogue app that is hurting your phones power.

    Screen brightness and time out are also an issue on the big X10's but I don't imagine it should be such a huge issue on the mini's, but again worth a look.
  4. vickpoore

    vickpoore Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thx guys!
    ive been reading about the task killer apps and i will dowload a new one. but i do use the phone all day long for work and stuff so i need to use email and twitter apps non stop (ive got a very particular job, dont i??)
    what about juice defender? or any recomendations? ive read that after a month it drains less batery but i'm really dissapointed with that. Im really thinking to change it for a Black berry o an iphone

    anyhow my phone died yesterday (15 days after purchase) and ive tried everythig ive read here and everywhere... nothing worked :mad:. so tomorrow i'm going to the carrier or somewhere in order to get a new one (or i'll kill someone, it's about to be seen)...
    tomorrow ill tell you if im answering from my fixed/new phone or if im answering from jail... hahaha!!
  5. lameplanet

    lameplanet Lurker

    Go to Settings->Wireless and Networks->Mobile Networks->Network Mode and select "GSM only". Unless you are browsing the web or getting a lot of big multimedia emails you wont notice much difference.

    Also, what email do you use? I use gmail, and I went into Settings->Accounts and Sync Settings and made sure that it was only syncing mail, and not contacts and calendar. Otherwise it's wasting battery checking those two on every sync as well.

    The other thing that saves tons of battery is to go into the screen brightness setting and set it as low as you can live with.

    Obviously I'm sure you know that you should keep GPS, bluetooth and Wifi switched off also, until you actually need them.

    I use my phone to pick up and send emails during the day and I get 1-2 days battery life.

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