Help How to hide audio books from music player?

Hi, does anyone know how to do the above? I have a dedicated audiobook player, so I'd like my music player to ignore these files... any ideas?

Thanks in advance


well.... just make playlists with the music u wanna listen to and you're good.
its very simple to do, you dont even need an app. for that


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Put a dot in front of the audiobook folder (e.g. ".MyAudioBooks").
Then the stock media player will not see the audiobooks.

EDIT: If you don't want change the folder name: Make a file named ".nomedia" and put it in the audiobook folder. Same effect :)

EDIT2: If you use a file manager (e.g. EStrongs File Explorer) for the implementation, make sure the media player has indexed the changes at or in the audiobook folder.
I use the free app SDRescan for that.