How to hide yourself from Google?


I guess it's not the best place to ask this, but anyway I give it a shot!

Hi! My first post.

Is it possible to tweak your phone so Google recognizes your device as totally new? How can I sweep all data from my phone so Google won't recognize it after "cleaning it"?

Is it possible to change Device ID, GUID, Phone Model, Google Advertising ID etc in one "click" (in a fast manner) or with one tool/app? I know that I need to root my phone...but please recommend me tools/apps I need.

There is Bluestacks Tweaker which does things I named above...

Why I need this:

I was able to make 5 Google accounts WITHOUT PHONE VERIFICATION from each Android phone I have at home (4 phones to be exact) and after making 5 Google accounts without phone verification Google started to ask for phone verification (same for all phones). After that, I did reset to factory settings, but Google still asks for phone verification (obviously Google know my phones).

I know it's not IP issue.

So guys, please let me know your ideas - what I need to do to "hide" myself from Google (if it's even possible)? What data do I need to remove/replace/tweak to make my phone brand new for Google?

All the best!