How to increase ring time before going to voicemail


Hi there,

I have an HTC Wildfire S and I was wondering if anyone knows how to increase the ring time before it goes to voicemail? I barely have time to get it out of my pocket before it rings off.

Thank you.


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Welcome trebar! :) Thanks for joining!
I have seen this question asked many times and sometimes, just sometimes, a call to your carrier may help this but I don't believe there is a setting on the phone to do this.
Someone else may know, but from what I have heard, it is not possible.


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Hi trebar,

It does depend on who your carrier is. You might find the following useful :-

Change How Long Your Phone Rings Before Sending Calls to Voicemail.

It is certainly possible on Orange - I picked up the following in a thread posted back in 2009 :-

**61*07973100123*11*30# and it worked ok for me. The 30 at the end is the number of seconds before the call goes to voicemail which I was happy with. It's not clear what the options are, some say 30 is the maximum but again this will probably vary carrier to carrier.

Hope this helps.


I have an HTC Wildfire S and none of the above suggestions worked for me. I found this to be the solution (which was posted by Gra Kay in another thread)

From Menu choose Settings
In Settings choose Call
Choose Call forwarding (it will then read your settings)
Choose Forward when unanswered
You will then be shown your own number
Touch the back arrow at the bottom
You will then be shown a display with the delay time
Increase this to the desired time
Press Update and you are done

Hope that helps some of you - it drove me mad for ages!


Thanks Jinnie, from me also.
This worked on my HTV One V with 4.0.3, just a couple of changes -
Tap Settings,
Call Forwarding,
Forward when Unanswered,
Tap Delay (in my case it was 5 seconds (!!)), select your delay time, tap Update.
So now my 30 second ringtone from the Rolling Stones plays in full. Bonus !
(I used Audacity to 'hand craft' a seamless loop to make my ringtone.)