How to increase speed/stability on generic ICS budget brands


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Seems quite a few people both here and in my areas are buying up the cheap bargain tablets which are coming with Android 4.0, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, or as it's referred to here, ICS, and then have various problems. i buy these things to test, dispose of if need be, or play with. i learn a lot of different versions of Android on them and since they're easily replaced it's better than messing around with an expensive tablet and bricking it. the deal with these cheaper models is that they just do not have the amount of RAM necessary for proper performance and stability of Android 4.0. they normally have at best, 512MB of DDR III RAM. which is more meant for Android 2.3 than 4.0. running out of box, Android 4.0 can consume as much as 325MB RAM just sitting there doing nothing, making it a very laggy tablet that will crash, throw an ANR dialog, or even dump you back to whatever boot animation is put onto it as if it's rebooting itself.

the key here is in the settings, under Developer Options. there is one setting here that will help considerably and on a D2 and Emerson/Polaroid model, i have verified the device, even under heavy use, only consumess at most, 225 MB of RAM. this is a lot better, the device is faster, and far more stable. forget task killers, this setting is the Background process limit. i recommend setting it to at least 'at best, 4 processes' which is the bottom of the list. your device does NOT need to be rooted to do this. now if you are rooted or you're one of the lucky guys/gals with a pre-rooted out of box tablet, install SuperSU and Voltage Control---use a fixed speed, minimum and maximum the same speed, and set it to the max the device is designed to run, this will squeeze even more performance from your new device.

EDIT: in addition, when not using it for a day or so, i recommend turning the Wifi OFF when locking the device or putting the screen into sleep for extended periods. for some odd reason having it on makes it slow down almost by half at idle and it seems to not pull in any notifications (facebook, email, etc) until you wake it up again, so if you are behind say 25 or so emails, the device can and will crash or reboot itself trying to catch up all at once. turning Wifi off prevents this, so you can wake it up, enable wifi, and it will be fully awake and ready to pull any missed alerts in properly. also, this helps save some battery power.


Thank you. finally some help with the Emerson E543.
now I just need to kill two more apps in /oem/apps. any ideas for that one?

btw.... the Emerson E543 DOES work with USB OTG. I have a mouse, keyboard and 16GB flash connected through a USB hub. I just can't for the life of me remember where I got the OTG adapter from.