Jan 23, 2018
When I am composing a lengthy text message (really anything over about 50 characters), the available height of the tiny little data entry window is way too small and I can't find any way to increase it. I have PLENTY of screen real estate and I'd like a way to temporarily double or even triple the height of the data entry box. Again, I only ever need this when typing a text more than 50 chars, otherwise it's fine. When the amount of text I'm composing exceeds the available space in that little data input, I cannot easily review what I have written, and scrolling up and down within that is a huge pain.

As a software engineer and mobile app developer myself, it seems like the easiest feature in the world to have a little plus/minus icon that would expand or shrink the size of that input. Yet it doesn't seem to exist, and google searches all talk about changing the font size, which I don't need. The same exact issue exists in messaging apps such as GroupMe and WhatsApp.

I am using "Messages" app by Google on my Galaxy S21+.

Is there any way to do this?
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