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How to install android applications from computer

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hidinu, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    yeah it sucks!!...hey when the get access to wi-fi from where should i install the latestversion of app installer?...i dont have android market pre-installed

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  2. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Are you rooted? I'm not sure why your X10 wouldn't have the Market installed already. :/ It might be that your carrier took the market app off the X10 :/

    I would recommend that you post your issue in the X10 Forum and get specific help there if you want the market as some ROMs might have the market included but this entails that you Root your phone. The members over there can give you more help with that :)

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Android Forums
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  3. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    maybe it is because it bought it from middle east and android market is not available there....but i post there anyway
  4. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    what is rooting?...i dont know much.Please do explain
  5. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Rooting gives you super user access to your phone. You have the same control as an Administrator on a computer. You have the ability to uninstall stock apps you don't want. You can overclock the CPU for faster processing power or underclock it to increase battery life. Where rooting shine is that you have the ability to load custom ROMs. I've read that there are a few custom ROMs that will include the market app. Please be careful with rooting as it will void your warranty. Do as much research as you can before you root and flash custom ROMs.

    If you want to know more, you can read the posts in the root forum: X10 - All Things Root - Android Forums
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  6. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    Thanx a lot!
  7. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    sorry for being such a noobie here...but wat is ROM?
    read only memory?
  8. james2397

    james2397 Lurker

    ouch! just connect to a wifi network!! :)
  9. Majid81

    Majid81 Lurker

    Thanks hidinu. I just installed worldmate which I needed badly and which I was unable to download directly from market by using your suggestion.
  10. sirdalton

    sirdalton Lurker

    Hi all. I just got a T-mobile MOVE and wanted to install some games and i encountered a problem with certain games (downloaded a whole lot of them with torrent). Some of them aren't just *.apk files but they have a cache folder as well usually with a rar file and i cant seem to get those games to work (when i try the apk file it installs but when launched error occures since additional files are required - i guess the ones that are rar-ed but i dont know how to set my phone to recognize those files in the archive).. any ideas?
    Thanx for any help I would get!
  11. personinneed

    personinneed Member

    It is not safe to install apps like that.These may contain files which steal your data....download applications only from android market!
    U better delete those files from ur sd card...u cannot trust apps outside the market...then can be very harmful at times
  12. bigcol

    bigcol Newbie

    Slightly off topic this but is Dropbox free?
  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Yes, Dropbox gives you 2GB free :)
  14. personinneed

    personinneed Member

  15. WeAreNotAlone

    WeAreNotAlone Newbie

    As someone new to Android the above info was along the lines I was just Googling for. (How to find / save /install file *.apk's - copy manually.)

    Bandwidth /accessibility reasons aside, Having the option to restore from files locally is something not to be dismissed.

    I think the market is a great idea- but I can see downsides to having everything in one place:
    (Ever heard the expression not to put ALL you eggs in the SAME basket?)

    1: A app you may like may disappear from the market. EG: I just read a post saying some apps that find WiFi hotspots were pulled from the Apple marketplace. I would assume that if the app works too well it might "disappear". (Author might pull them too- Author might decide the support hassles are too much)

    2: One day- the marketplace may require payment to enter?
    (Is this true? -if so time frame?)
    Heck- with Google? and various companies getting tracking/marketing info/The Gmail man reading thru all your Gmail and tracking which sites you go to/where you go everyday I doubt #3 below will happen..Too much valuable data... Or am I wrong? Coming from a PC background I have a dislike of apps that "dial home" and transmit data.
    3: One day -the marketplace may "end", ala like the marketplace for Windows Mobile devices.
    (MS in their stupidity - and their rush to promote Windows Phone 7 has closed down web access to the WM marketplace- and will totally shut if off in OCT-2011 from what I've read. MS has also turned off the Microsoft My Phone app- that allows you to restore data after a wipe/loss/replacement of a phone.)

    Q: Just purchased (2) LG Optimus V's... via the marketplace downloaded some apps on phone #1.... What is the process to restore - or should I say install those apps on phone #2 once logged in?

    Q: Related- what folder are install files stored? Are they deleted after the installer runs? Is it possible to copy install file to SD card, say creating a folder called SwSetup and run the apk files from there- preserving the install files?

    Q: Is it possible to download the *apk /install file directly to a PC from the marketplace? (I assume no)

    Q: I read about Anti-Virus for Andriod (linux based) devices. Is it possible to download apk files to PC, then run a scan... Or copy install files to SD card (EG: To SwSetup) and run a scan before you install?

    PS: Sorry for the dumb questions/ or info that is not "spot-on"- new to Android.
  16. Dragg.. I have an unlimited internet plan , I use it on my laptop.

    But one thing i came to know that when i try to use my laptop as a wifi ad-hoc, it dont even scan the wifi network, as that used to work on my nokia n95.

    Tried connectify, it do the same(creates an ad-hoc connecttion).

    So what is the possible solution here now?
  17. Greenybaby

    Greenybaby Lurker

    I couldn't find an app on the market even though it was advertised on their site(sidereel) so i downloaded it directly from the site as an apk. file, googled how to get it onto my phone and got this topic straight away, thank you all :D dropbox is my new best friend lol
  18. jaceortiz

    jaceortiz Lurker

    i tried installing a couple of apps from the Android Market website. i clicked the INSTALL button and says that This app will be downloaded to your device shortly. but nothing happens it says that its installed but as i search for any signs on my device (Sony Ericsson ST18i/xperia ray).. (Install Android Apps From Your Computer: Android Market Website Overview) from youtube<< i watched the video which was simple enough yet when i did the instructions still it seems that non of the apps that says on my Android Market (My Library) has been Installed is not yet installed when I search for them on my device.. please help me.. it is my first time to purchase an android phone so some assistance will be much appreciated... thank you
  19. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Did you sign into your Google account right? Was there a option for you to pick your mobile device?? Google reads your phone model numbers. Mine is MB860, which is the model number for the Motorola Atrix. Google has it's set up this way as people have multiple devices for their account.
  20. muhit23

    muhit23 Lurker

    i'v logged in and download the Dropbox and dropbox.apk to my pc and upload the dropbox.apk to my android phone and started to use it. i paste an apk file to the dropbox which i use in pc and tried to install the apk file to my phone through the dropbox of my phone, but it asks me to connect to the internet connection. so that means dropbox is not allowing me to install apps free?? though it says that 2G free.. i jst dnt get it. So installing apps from android market through phone operator is similar to using dropbox.. what is the difference?i'v to pay the same.:mad:
    hidinu u'r strategy works soo well. thanks. :)
    Another qus: if i download apk files or apps outside the market [like the hidinu mentioned] site and install it to my sd card is it safe?? i heard that "outside the market don't install any app it wil harm ur cell phone"

    so what can i do? [p.s. i already use AVG antivirus]

    by the way if anyone want to help me further plz go to this link :
  21. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    @muhit23 I have never had issues downloading apps from my dropbox app and installing it on my phone. If your carrier restricts you from outside of the market, that might be the issue.

    Unless the app that you download outside of the market is from a reputable source like the Amazon App Store or some others that the developers agreed to market their apps on, you don't really know whoever uploaded the app didn't alter it for malicious reason.
    So, the app from the market don't have any permission used for malware but the same app you got off the Internet might.
  22. sadiax

    sadiax Lurker

    pls help me how to install android app frm pc to my cell.i hv downloaded the apk file installer n also clicked the run me bat n it also work bt i went app market n tried to download app bt its ws nt showing download bt only it ws showing the the app will be downloaded shortly.y is that happening?
  23. kalyan@s5570

    kalyan@s5570 Newbie

    hi guys,

    i have a android phone. i have opened the website android market and trying to install the apps on my phone. however i got the message that "the application will be sent to your phone shortly" the application was never sent to my phone.. please advise on how to install the apps on my phone by accessing the android market on pc
  24. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Android Enthusiast

    You know, I tried this yesterday and it seems there's something wrong with their servers.

    It normally is instant, but yesterday it was taking too long.. So I just downloaded from the phone.
  25. WeAreNotAlone

    WeAreNotAlone Newbie

    I think the authors should be required to publish the "file hash" (CRC, MD5, etc) of the installer package, that's the only way to verify the file hasn't been tampered with.

    Note to the authors,doing so in a round about way protects your good name- and would reduce support issues. EG: MD-5 doesn't match- not my app /installer package.
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