May 26, 2011
How to install APK to motorola milestone XT720

Please help me! I reset my phone to factory setting. Now, i have apk files and wanted to install them. How to install such files directly using the phone. I have downloaded ASTRO file manager and copied it to SD card. How to install it too?
Thanks so much.
You should be able to use Astro to done them on your SD card, and install them. I use a different file manager, so I'm a little fuzzy on the specifics, but I'd wager that you would long press on the apk in question and it should prompt you to install
I have copied Astro file manager apk to my phone. The problem is where to start so that the astro file manager will be installed first. I could not access Market to install it. In that case, maybe installing apk from PC to xT720, any idea? Thanks.
If you have adb installed on your comp you can install apps to your android device.
adb install [I]filename.apk[/I]
...should do it for you.
That's another option, though I have to wonder given that factory resets don't wipe out the Market. And with Astro being freeware (last I checked), it should be accessible anywhere in the world. I'm starting to think this is root and ROM related...
It is not like that, you got me wrong i guess. I copied from mirror download. It is in my PC. The problem is how to install it to my phone and make it working. thanks
Adb should do that for you. You put the file on your comp (in the ADB folder) and use the command above... (and here)
adb install astro.apk
If you have adb installed, that'll work. The directory should be something like this... C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools with adb and the astro.apk in that folder. Just CD to that folder and use that code.
Hii, It is done. XT720 has QuickOffice to do such works. Sometimes it need more explorations. Thanks guys