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How to install custom ROM on fake iphone

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by bansource, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. bansource

    bansource Lurker
    Thread Starter

    This all started as my father bought some knock-off iphone, it had an IOS skin, but it was laggy as hell and the app store had no apps, in other words, it was utterly unusable. So I decided to dig deeper into this fake iphone, the skin seemed to cover its android identity pretty well. So I was off to the factory test menu, I turned the device off, pushed the power button and volume down botton, then I was greeted with this menu


    Luckily I know Chinese and chose the "version info" tab and the device claimed itself to be running android 7.0, an IOS skin I assume.


    I have also successfully accessed the android recovery menu by holding down the power button+ volume up botton, which is surprising, in english.


    I can see the option to apply an update from ADB (I've used the fastboot tool to get this brick unstuck from fastboot mode) or from SD card (which from what I've known is from the internal storage or an external storage device). So here comes the question, what custom ROM of android 7.0 should I use? I've been browsing through the XDA forums and they have custom android 7.0 ROMs for specific devices like samsung, LG, Sony etc. But here I am, stratching my head wondering which ROM should I use. Can anyone give me some advice on which custom ROM I should use?

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    A custom ROM would need to be written / ported specifically for that device in order to install it.
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  3. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    Yep... "you get what you pay for" rings all too true when it comes to things like technology. Whether it's fake phones or counterfeit memory cards, they are never what you expect and always cost more than they're worth.
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  4. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    Every ROM is going to be created to match a specific hardware configuration, that's why they are not interchangeable with each other. Every phone model has its own, unique, internal hardware configuration. They may appear somewhat similar in appearance but internally all the manufacturers use different and widely varying components for each model. ROMs use a common Android kernel as the base, but it will also include software, firmware, and drivers that have to match those same components. So Samsung Oreo S8 ROM cannot be used in a Motorola G7 phone, and that same ROM will definitely not work in a Chinese knock-off phone.
    A lot of people continue to look at Android ROMs as being similar to something like a Windows Install disc where you can just install the Windows OS on multiple computers but that's just not a reality. So if you want to keep using that knock-off phone as your daily usage phone, clean it up as much as you can but its installed OS is pretty much an 'as is' matter. And don't ignore the fact that there are serious security and privacy issues to be wary of with such a device.
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  5. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    @svim has a VERY important point! Your Dad needs to know that ANY login credentials he has entered on that phone has possibly (very likely) been sent back home to China. I can't tell you what to do - but if I woke up in your shoes and learned that my Dad was using a Chinese knock-off phone, I would immediately tell him to turn it off. Then go online using a PC and change every password that was used on it, including the Google password. Then pull the SIM and start the phone in Airplane mode, and copy any photos, documents, whatever is critical, off of it. And then smash it with a sledge hammer.
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  6. bansource

    bansource Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your concern folks, I've forgotten to mention that his phone is new and he hasn't installed any Apps that would require him to input his credentials, I have also tried to reset to the fatory settings, just to see if the lag still persisted, unfortunately, its still unusable. He has yet to insert his Sim card into this brick. I guess he has learnt his lesson, and I'm not going to go through the hassle of writing my own ROM for this brick. The lesson here is: its better to buy a cheap, usable android phone, than a cheap unusable fake iphone. Thanks a lot guys!
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  7. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    Was it from Wish.com by any chance? That site really should be called 'I-Wish-I-never-bought-anything-from-there.com'
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  8. The OP hasn't logged in here since Jan. 31 so we'll likely never find out.

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