Root How to install directly to SD? Not enough internal storage..

So I want to install Plants Vs Zombies on my phone, but I don't have enough internal storage to just install, then move to SD. I have plenty of room in the SD, but I can't figure out how to install it directly to it.. I have ShabbyMod on my phone.


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With shabbymod you have titanium backup, hence you can move many apps to SD and free up internal memory if you like.

You might need TB pro version ......


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Plants vs Zombies is almost 80MB.. it is not possible to make that much room in the phone, there are too many system apps. That's the entire reason why I made a thread asking how to install to the SD and not the internal storage.


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I already started a thread about this. Not to nick pick but you should read through the threads before posting, there is also lots of threads on how to try to increase your memory. I did get it to work, however its a really big game and takes up lots of reasources. The more you play it the more data you store the more memory it takes. This is how I got it to work. I used shabbymod slim .8. I use root explorer, I move the apps from /data/app to /system/app reboot and then wipe davlik-cache then reboot again. Unfortunately I have not gotten anybody ext.4, link2sd, app2sd...etc to work. This will work and gives you more space. After you move stuff around put Plants vs Zombies on first. You wont be able to have too many more apps on after it.

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