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How to Install Google Camera in Realme X (Working APK Easy Steps)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Saaquib Ahmad Neyazi, Aug 4, 2019.


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  1. Saaquib Ahmad Neyazi

    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys, How are you guys doing?

    So, this thread related to modification and some enhancement for your realme X device. And,I will cover "How To Install Google Camera On Realme X" in very simple steps.


    Realme X was launched two weeks ago, along with some impressive specification with band for bucks starting price of Rs. 16,999. The Snapdragon 710 processor is the same as the realme 3 Pro but there is a great improvement in the Camera department. Realme has implemented the 48MP Sony IMX586 with an aperture of f/1.7 coupled with a 5MP depth sensor. Realme has done very well Camera optimization but like you, all know Google Camera Mod drastically improves the overall image quality. Camera2API is pre-enabled in the Realme X and so you can install Google Camera for Realme X. Read the article to know how to install Google Camera on Realme X, also you to do apply some manual settings in a way to run thew google camera smoothly on your realme X.

    Download Google Camera for realme X:

    Click here for the authentic source to download from Google Drive.

    Steps: How to Install G Cam on realme X

    1. First of all, you need to Download Google Camera Working APK for realme X.
    2. Go to the Download link listen above, or Click here. This will redirect to website to Download Google Camera APK Latest Version 6.1 for Realme X.
    3. Now, Simple Install the APK. Just like we install any third-party application.

    4. You can take help from the Visual tutorials added above.

    5. After the successful Installation. Simply launch the Google Camera.

    6. Allow permission to the Google Camera on the realme 3 Pro app. That's it you are good to go now. Enjoy Google Camera on realme X.

    Now your Installation of Google Camera for realme X is completed, you need to do some manual settings otherwise Google Camera will not work properly on your realme X. Follow these simple steps.
    Manual Settings for GCam in realme X

    1. Open Google Camera. Go to More> Settings> Scroll Down and Choose About and Turn on the "Enable Advance Mode".

    2. Now Go Back, and Scroll up under section HDR+ Settings. Go to Back Camera> Choose Pixel 3 XL. and Go to Front Camera and Choose Nexus 6P


    HDR+ Settings for realme X

    Under HDR+ Control you are suggested to change some settings. Go to HDR+ Control and select Saturation Adjustments, and use the following Saturation settings. This is my recommended settings, which i like to have on my Google Camera, you can also change it on your own taste.

    Check Realme X Google camera Camera Samples here: Click Me

    Enjoy Thanks for Reading

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