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How To Install Rogers Update on Win7

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by rip_shot, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. rip_shot

    rip_shot New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 26, 2010
    Took some figuring out but I got it to work, I'll write down how I did it, and hopfulling it helps other users

    Step 1:

    Download these drivers for your phone

    Step 2:

    Plug in your phone and install these drivers
    (if you have the old drivers installed, then right click the device in the device manager, click "update driver", then "browse my computer for the driver", then select "Let me pick...ect" and browse to the directory of the downloaded drivers and select it, it should say My HTC now)

    keep the devices window open

    Step 3:

    Run the Update

    Step 4:

    The problem should start when the patch starts the bootloader, when it does this it reverts to a crappy bootloader driver that causes the phone to lose connection with the computer, it takes 1 min to time out, so when the update says "waiting for bootloader" go back to your devices window, and reapply the My HTC driver that you downloaded on the device that now says "HTC Bootloader"

    Step 5:

    once you load that driver it should start updating finally and your phone should be up to date, its how I got my phone working anyways

    please let me know if this worked for anyone or not, oh and rogers, if this does help alot of windows 7 users, then I hope to see a credit to my account :p


  2. MagicAndroid

    MagicAndroid Active Member

    Aug 1, 2009
    I did the regular install using Windows 7. I tempted it and i'm in the clear, although i'm not suggesting you do the same, i'm just posting what I did, under what conditions.

    I had Vista installed with Sync, i updated to Windows 7 (NOT a fresh install) and Sync seemed to work fine. So I plug my phone in, sync it, play around with it and it never disconnected so i installed the Rom and everything's beautiful now.

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