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how to install tamil font

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by krsenthil_mca, May 20, 2010.

  1. krsenthil_mca

    krsenthil_mca Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hi please assist me to get tamil font so that i can read message and newspapper

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  2. Sambamurthy

    Sambamurthy Lurker

    Hi Guys,

    I got the solution to read tamil sites in our Android phones after so many days of search in internet.

    Install Opera mini.
    In the browser address bar, type in
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  3. xploited

    xploited Newbie

    Glad the problem is solved but... what is Tamil font and why do we need it? :D

  4. mohaan_me

    mohaan_me Newbie

    Great guys.. thanks a lot.. :D
  5. mohaan_me

    mohaan_me Newbie

    Hi Guys,

    I am from India.. Just 3weeks back only i bough my Motorola Milestone and as you all aware of this Motorola is giving life time free GPS service :) . Now my question is if I root my milestone whether the free GPS service will be continue or what?

    Please help me..

  6. GlitchZero

    GlitchZero Well-Known Member

  7. smartgk

    smartgk Lurker

    Tamil is one of the eldest/ancient language in the world. It has official status in 4 countries and spoken in 10+ countries with remarkable minorities. Refer Wiki for details.

    To get more number of users, we need to have Tamil language support.

    Moreover, the problem is not fully solved. Only in opera, we can visit the Tamil language website as a image and not anywhere in android phone.
  8. sisrivas

    sisrivas Lurker

    aAvarangal font (Unicode) supports both linear Tamil and complex rendered Tamil displays.

    untill complex rendered is supported by Andriod, liner display will appear.
  9. chandy

    chandy Lurker

    please assist me to get Sinhala font so that i can read message and newspapper
    thank you

  10. mimzubair

    mimzubair Lurker

    Please help to go get tamil fonts to use in Samsung Galaxy S. I am getting crasy on this without a way to get it.
  11. valluhvan

    valluhvan Lurker

    Dear Sambamurthy,

    Please tell me how to download youtube videos in Galaxy SII.


  12. irtev

    irtev Lurker

    Hi Sambamurthy...Can u tell me clearly under which tab this “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” option is there?
  13. irtev

    irtev Lurker

  14. zybernau

    zybernau Lurker

  15. ganesanth

    ganesanth Lurker

    hai Mr.Sambamurthy
    As per your idea I can browse through Tamil .If you can, please tell me the way how to watch TV channels via Samsung galaxy fit mobile
  16. esvijai

    esvijai Lurker

    hi i have Samsung galaxy pop android mobile i want read the tamil newspaper and i can watch tamil tv channal so pls guide me and give you idea
  17. Cuteboy4u

    Cuteboy4u Lurker

  18. David Lindon

    David Lindon Lurker

    Please try to help me to get a Tamil font in my new Galaxy Wonder mobile... . If you can give me your contact no. I will contact you.Thank you for your help.

    Have a great day....

  19. aashiqmohamed

    aashiqmohamed Lurker

    hi friend u r trying font installer software
  20. Ammu1318

    Ammu1318 Lurker

    Dear friend I'm using Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray... Android version 2.3.4... I would like to add Tamil language in my mobile... If it's possible means help me...

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