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Root How to install TWRP and root your Galaxy a3 2016

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vosg, Aug 27, 2016.

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    Rooting is not a risk-free business. It will void your warranty and possibly brick your phone. By reading and using these instructions, you implicitly accept all responsibility.

    Please note

    These instructions are for the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) model SM-A310F only. DO NOT ATTEMPT to use on any other device.


    You will need:

    TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) download

    Odin (The flash utility) download

    SuperSU (root utility) download

    Prepare your phone

    First of all, make sure your phone is fully charged, or at least at 70 percent. Also make backups of your important stuff. Preferably, only use the original USB cable that came with your device.

    Go to Settings, About Device, Software, and tap Build Number 7 times to activate the Developer Options.

    Go to Settings, Developer Options, and enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging. Copy SuperSU to the root of your internal storage. Do not unzip this file.

    Turn off your phone (hold Power and select Power Off.

    Install Samsung Kies on your PC

    You may omit this step if you already have the Samsung drivers installed. Once Kies is installed, you may uninstall it, the drivers will not be uninstalled, and the drivers are all we need from Kies. If you decide to keep Kies, make sure it is not running while you perform the rooting steps. You can get Kies here.

    Install Odin on your PC

    The Odin distribution file is a ZIP archive. Unzip the files in the archive to a temporary folder. Also copy TWRP in the same folder.

    Boot your phone into Download mode

    From Power Off state, simultaneously press and hold POWER, VOLUME DOWN and HOME. Once in Download mode, press VOLUME UP to continue, and connect your phone to your PC. If Kies starts up, immediately terminate it. Not doing so might cause conflicts.

    Start Odin3.exe

    You should see your device connected in one of the com port slots in Odin. If you don’t see your comport, try again. Make sure you use the original USB cable, and that the Samsung drivers are installed.

    In Odin, open the Options tab and unselect Auto Reboot. Next, open the Log tab.

    Now, click the AP button and navigate to the TWRP .tar file.

    Click START, the TWRP recovery shoulfd install. This can take a while.

    Once done, unplug the phone but don’t turn it off. Instead, immediately reboot your phone into recovery mode: press and hold POWER, HOME and VOLUME DOWN and on the blank screen, immediately change to VOLUME UP, while still holding the other buttons. This should get you into TWRP recovery.

    Flash SuperSU

    In TWRP, tap Install. Navigate to SuperSU update zipfile and flash it.

    Reboot your phone using TWRP.

    Your phone is now rooted and the TWRP recovery is installed.


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