how to keep apps running


How does one keep apps running with screen off? I'm sure there is some kind of app. During football season i cant watch the game so i want to turn my screen off while i listen to it with my ear buds. But usually if your turn your screen off everything else stops as well. What can i do? If it helps im using the slightly outdated Samsung S5.


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What feature?
Set your display to time out for 10,20,30 seconds in your settings menu first...
Then open Chrome, watch your game, and just let the screen go black by itself...


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Is your phone plugged into a charger while you do this?

If so, you can use a setting in the developers options (stay awake) that will keep the screen on (and the device active) while the phone is charging.
Keeping the device awake will keep the app(s) active.

The cool thing about this is that you can then turn the screen off, but the phone will still stay awake with the screen off.

I have a couple of ways to turn the screen off for when I am doing similar to what you want to do, but don't need/want the screen to be on- just having the sound on and having the device stay active so that the app(s) don't close.