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HOW TO: Live Wallpaper without Rooting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ZimLanfire, May 17, 2010.

  1. ZimLanfire

    ZimLanfire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm copying this from another post because I don't want it to get buried. This is for everyone out there having trouble getting Live Wallpapers to work on their Moment.

    I give FULL credit to the other posters.


    *6/30 EDIT! - The new links are now working properly! Go crazy!

    -This post is assuming you already have the 2.1 update-

    Files Used:

    New Recovery File
    Live Wallpaper ZIP

    -Follow EXACTLY. Don't deviate-

    1) Go to Control Panel. Remove EVERYTHING Samsung from your Add/Remove section. This will remove all of the drivers etc.

    2) Go to your Program Files (x86 if needed) section under 'My Computer'. Delete the 'Samsung Electronics' folder.

    3) If you have CCLeaner and are comfortable using the Registry tool, clean your registry of anything Samsung. This will ensure that your new install doesn't use the old stuff.

    4) RESTART

    5) Install the OLD CL14 SAMSUNG INSTALLER onto your PC. This is important as the NEW installer won't use non-signed packages.

    6) RESTART

    7) Download the new Recovery and KEEP IT IN ITS DOWNLOADED FORMAT. Take off the MD5 at the end of the file so it ends in TAR.

    8) Go back to the Samsung Electronics folder (that you would've deleted earlier) and head to SWUpgrade\Models\Binary. Remove the file inside, probably called "SPH-M900_MR2_DE03_REL_1.tar". Delete it, move it - whatever.

    9) Copy the Recovery file you just downloaded into that folder. DO NOT EXTRACT IT.

    10) TURN OFF YOUR PHONE and remove the battery for about 10 seconds. Replace battery. DO NOT TURN IT BACK ON.

    11) HOLD 'VolDown+Camera+End'. A DOWNLOADING screen should appear.

    12) Start the SWUpdate that should be on your desktop. Otherwise, it's back in the Samsung Electronics folder from earlier.

    13) FOLLOW THE ONSCREEN INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. I can't stress that enough...

    14) After it applies the Recovery file (which is why you placed it in the Binary folder), RESTART YOUR PHONE.

    15) Copy the Live Wallpaper ZIP file to your SDCard. DO NOT put it into a folder. Just copy it to the root of the card (meaning it's by itself and not in a folder). DO NOT EXTRACT.


    17) HOLD 'VolDown+Call(Green)+End(Red)'. This will put you into Recovery Mode. Using the VolUp/VolDown keys, scroll to 'Apply Update.zip' and press the center key. Select the Zip File you just copied to your SDCard. After it processes, RESTART YOUR PHONE.

    18) BOOYA! After your phone boots up, you should be able to hit Menu then Wallpapers and you should see Live Wallpapers as a heading.

    This doesn't ROOT your phone, only adds Live Wallpapers to your Moment. If you want to run CUSTOM Live's, you'll need to ROOT your phone. After the zip is applied, you can delete it from your SDCard.

    I hope this helps. :)

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  2. I used these directions about four days ago. They work.

    The only problem I had was Window's not recognizing my phone when it was in download mode. What I did was keep uninstalling the updater/drivers, restarting, installing updater/drivers, restarting, and then trying to flash again. It feels like it takes an hour to restart my computer, so that park sucked. Once Windows recognized my phone everything was done in like 2 minutes.
  3. rjdhill

    rjdhill Lurker

    does this recovery wipe the phone again or does it just add the recovery to allow install of live wall paper
    . new to this pls inform.
  4. scottb16

    scottb16 Lurker

    the recovery wont wipe your phone it just adds the live wallpaper option. ive used these instructions a few days ago and i still have all of my previous apps and settings
  5. cheesemonster

    cheesemonster Lurker

    I followed the instructions and everything worked, as described... The only problem now is my phone and Vista laptop are no longer recognizing each other... My phone is still doing ok with my other computers and my wife's Moment is also not being recognized by the laptop, so it would appear that there is something wrong with the laptop... I tried unistalling the USB driver software and I reinstalled the old installer and it didn't work, then I unistalled that and tried the new installer & that didn't work... Any ideas?
  6. kahale

    kahale Android Enthusiast

    first remove all samsung drivers and related software and delete the samsung folders in program files folder. restart your computer then reinstall sprints new update software. you can remove samsungsimpledl in add/remove programs if you want just leave samsung usb driver there, restart to complete changes. also disable usb debugging on the phone in application > development.
  7. SamCurious

    SamCurious Lurker

    It keeps saying "failed" and "aborted" when i try to unzip file in recovery mode...any idea what couldve went wrong?? I thought i did good with the instructions but did not work..soooo i did something wrong obviously lol....the computer didnt have any samsung files on it..its new...so should i just delete everything and start over? Thank you so much for your help!!
  8. ashemann

    ashemann Lurker

    Thanks ZimLanfire works great.Very easy to do but how does it effect battery life?
    Thanks to all involved.
  9. SamCurious

    SamCurious Lurker

    when u have ur phone in blue downloading mode...and the computer screen says....unplug usb....u said restart phone after its done...how will i know when to restart...does the phone do something....its the only place i think i messed up..thanks....
  10. SamCurious

    SamCurious Lurker

    now..right before i press "start download" it says "cant open bin file" or whateva...ohhhh boyyyyyy!!!!! HELPPPPP PLEASSEEEEEE
  11. acasalin

    acasalin Newbie

    Absolutely fantastic !!..Instructions at SDX...were too complicated...but this was a snap !!...followed instructions... Now I have Live Wallpaper !!...combined with Helix Launcher...makes Moment super !
    Absolutely no lag in screen movement !!! Thanx !!
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  12. SamCurious

    SamCurious Lurker

    Ok...i tried this several times on laptop..didnt work for me...i tried it once on my PC and ta daaaaa....works beautifully...thanks eer1..i am now running live wallpaper....no lag..on moment 2.1...launcher pro!!!
  13. nber1loufan

    nber1loufan Lurker

    Thanks for the great info, but I still cannot get the update.zip to go through...

    this is what I see on my Moment after I click apply sdcard:update.zip

    "# Manual Mode #
    -- Install from sdcard...
    Finding update Package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted."

    I have saved the Zip file onto my desktop then copied to the root of my SDCard. What is going on??? So frustrating! lol Help please?
  14. nber1loufan

    nber1loufan Lurker

    Of course Im talking only about the live wallpapers... 2.1 update went through great!
  15. ZimLanfire

    ZimLanfire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Make sure you've uninstalled and cleaned out the NEW installer, and reinstall the OLD installer. Do that before copying over the file in the instructions. The NEW installer will not accept instruction from the recovery. The OLD one will.

    Follow the instructions without deviation, and you shouldn't have a problem.
  16. arthurliberty

    arthurliberty Lurker

    i understand this will not root my phone but will it void my warranty??
  17. arthurliberty

    arthurliberty Lurker

    Works Perfect.... This is exactly what i was looking for......
    quick video of my phones first live wallpaper
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  18. marcucci829

    marcucci829 Lurker

    Fantastic. Works like a charm. Thank you.
  19. smokinLiberty

    smokinLiberty Newbie

    Many Thanks to everyone involved here... This is exactly what I was looking for... Heres a quick video of the first live wallpaper after the install.My Moment (smokinLiberty)
    Hola Mamacita likes this.
  20. acasalin

    acasalin Newbie

    Ok...anyone having trouble with "Earth Rot" and "Galactic Core" blacking out the Moment on the lock screen and unlock screen function? Have to take battery out and reboot it...both of these were bought in the Market..are they considered "custom wallpapers?"

    The "star Field" works flawlessly, but the Earth Rotation if the best one in the Market...would like to know if there is a solution !!
  21. MomentUser22

    MomentUser22 Lurker

    Nvm i got it!!!!
  22. ZimLanfire

    ZimLanfire Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've noticed a couple of them take up to a minute to load up, but the ones you mention DO load (at least on my Moment). If you give it a minute or so, they should load. Otherwise there may be a problem with the file itself. Delete and re-download.
  23. nismospec

    nismospec Member

    anyone have a video on how to do this versus on paper?
  24. acasalin

    acasalin Newbie

    Thanks for the info !...Market put out an update today for the "Earth Rot" live wallpaper in conjunction with "Earth Maps" that apparently fixed a freezing bug in the Droid..works fine on the Moment now for several hours without freezing the phone..so far so good...btw...I'm using helix in case anyone hears of an issue between the live wallpapers and a launcher in the Moment... Thanx again !
  25. acasalin

    acasalin Newbie

    ... I don't know if anyone else notices...but I have had very little extra battery drain with live wallpapers...can't think of any reason why Sprint should not have included it in the 2.1 update...no screen lag...little battery drain...go figure !

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