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How to load Zefie's custom kernels (for Dummies)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aclark414, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. SITH

    SITH Member

    Correct, they are different.
    The steps are downgrade to cj05, upgrade to modified cl14 and then 12.1 patchoob.

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  2. woldy2

    woldy2 Newbie

    sry to beat a dead horse...im going to flash my newly purchased moment. It has CJ05. Which version of 12.1 should I download and also, where is the kernal for stock in case i need to go back to the stock version.
  3. According to joey.. his kernel doesn't matter if you need patchoob or not joeykrim - SDX Kernel - Beta - Revision 4 - 2/24/2010 Since it is a complete recode of the way the kernel is...

    Post where joey talks about it is http://www.sdx-developers.com/index.php?topic=610.msg8096#msg8096
  4. SITH

    SITH Member

    The post where joey talks about it comes up error.
  5. Ya my bad.. that is in the developers board
  6. SITH

    SITH Member

    Testing that kernel right now, it seem to run very well.
  7. woldy2

    woldy2 Newbie

    so after i root my phone with zefies 10.3, do i need to load anything else to get to cl14 (my phone currently has cj05) or am i good to go from there?
  8. cbrooks105

    cbrooks105 Newbie

    I see ZE13.2 is out with some instructions I don't quite understand. Can we get a ZE13.2 install for dummies?
  9. setasai

    setasai Newbie

    Just install sprint's official updater for the moment and follow those directions.

    Then replace the CL14.tar file in Program Files/Samsung Electronics/SWUpgrade/Models/Binary folder with whatever kernel Tar you want. Once you've switched the Tar out with the kernel of your choice then start up sprint's update utility as if you were installing CL14 and it'll flash your kernel instead of the entire system.

    The first time you install CL14 completely including SBL you'll wipe everything clean.

    Hope that helps.
  10. joeykrim

    joeykrim Member

    there are some detailed step by step directions posted regarding the CL14 "official" update process and how to use the sprint official tool to flash a custom kernel - http://www.sdx-developers.com/index.php?topic=731.0
  11. ocxersMe

    ocxersMe Newbie

  12. woldy2

    woldy2 Newbie

    updated to joey 1.6 using the samsung tool...worked like a charm
  13. chaser841

    chaser841 Lurker

    I have a question that has probably been answered several times. But I am completely new to the Moment. I just got it a couple days ago and it came with the CL14 update to it. Can I still flash a kernel using the Sprint utility or do I need to do something like the downgrade and then load. I'm a little confused, so I apologize if I missed the answer to this previously.
  14. martonic

    martonic Newbie

    Hi Joey - thank you very much. :D But I don't understand some of this. For instance:

    "1. Create a datatool back-up."

    What does that mean? Thinking it might refer to the use of an app I searched market for "datatool" but nothing came up. So ... ?
  15. infamousjax

    infamousjax Well-Known Member

    Datatool is a tool that is part of the custom recovery.
    It saves your /data and /system and lets you restore it whenever you want.
    Pretty neat. :)
  16. martonic

    martonic Newbie

    Every answer raises more questions, of course!

    I found an answer here:

    How to backup your rooted samsung moment

    So is it correct that for Joey 1.6+, or Zefie 13+, you don't use Odin any more, but use the "new" Sprint updater instead? Or can it still be done through Odin 3.98 (or other)?

    This has gotten confusing since I last looked at Moment forums a few weeks ago!
  17. ScottsXJ

    ScottsXJ Lurker

    Just a heads up for anyone that is thinking about flashing to a new kernel, and decides to go with Zefie's 14.1, don't. All previous ones worked wonders, but for some reason no matter how many times I flashed with 14.1 I could not received SMS nor would VoiceMail notification, or Visual Voicemail work. Which for me, was kinda a big deal. Nothing against Zefie what so ever, 13 was awesome, but 14.1 has it's kinks to work out I guess.
  18. animuL

    animuL Lurker

    x 2!!
  19. martonic

    martonic Newbie

    Yes - now you can!

    How-To: Using the Sprint Update Utility for Flashing :D
  20. Radical-J

    Radical-J Well-Known Member

    Wow, you must be the only one...

    in fact today I have received a text message from FaceBook, and a voicemail notification, and a Google Voice text, and a Google voice Voicemail notification... so I don't know what is up with your setup.

    Maybe you should actually post this in his forum where 'your' issues can be addressed instead of spreading your one-off limited experience...FWIW

    I highly recommend Ze 14.1 or Joey 1.9.1

  21. setasai

    setasai Newbie

    I've been running Ze14.1 for a few days now and it works great. Havent had any notification issues as of yet either. Maybe something is conflicting. Any notification apps installed that might control how it shows up maybe?

  22. Radical-J

    Radical-J Well-Known Member

    14.3 is now out... Might want to give that a try and maybe disable your Ahome or similar for better battery life
  23. dib.1138

    dib.1138 Newbie

    Hi all, this is my first real post/tech question here. I joined right after I got my Moment about a month ago. When I got it, it came with Android 1.6, and the CL14 update. About a week ago my phone decided to brick itself (not sure what happened, not even the Sprint Tech's could figure it out.) They replaced it (no-charge) with a brand new one. Thing is... this new one has 1.5, and cj05 on it, even thought they told me that this new one will have all the new updates, etc. already done.

    My question is... where do I go from here? I either want to do the sprint update, or root it the best way possible so I can get the performance and speed back that I enjoyed when I got the first one. As it is now.. everything lags, dialing sucks, multiple sms causes the phone to lock, and multiple apps running sometimes causes the phone to restart. I want my sleek smooth droid back! lol

    I am very tech minded, and have been reading up on rooting, and the different ways to do so. Which direction would you point a new guy like me, and why?
  24. martonic

    martonic Newbie

    Hi dib1138,

    As far as I know, Moment still only runs Android 1.5, which will be updated to 2.1 later this year.

    However, you can root the phone and install a much better/faster kernel. We are using JoeyKrim's 1.9.1 with great satisfaction. :D

    How-To: Using the Sprint Update Utility for Flashing

    Good luck!
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  25. Flipper

    Flipper Guest

    ... Joey's latest firmware is 1.9.5

    Even more improvements! :D

    To root and replace the kernel is a fairly involved process so make sure you read all the 'Sticky's' before doing anything. And make sure to utilize the SEARCH function if you're unsure. And as you already know, you proceed at your own risk for making your phone a worthless paperweight.

    SDX-Developers Forum
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