How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings


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Question How to lock home screen icons folders dragging deleting settings

I have rooted my mobiles and installed Nova launcher now on home screen i have categroized apps icons in circle folders. As the phone is also used by kids and family members whole opening touching the mistakenly drag or delte the icon on home screen folders mistakenly

How can in rooted phone I can lock the home screen or drawer or folder icons or new notifications from deleting or dragging or changing...or from settings changes without pin or administrative permissions . Is it possible through app or adb shell commands kindly suggest.


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I'd just enable Guest Mode for your other family members when they need to use your phone. It's already integral to Android so you don't need to install anything.
Your user account is left as is, along with all the customizations you made to its appearance. The Guest account is isolated from your primary user account so whatever they do won't be able to accidentally change how icons or screens are arranged or delete your files/folders.


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nova has an advanced feature where you can lock your home screen layout where you can't move the icons around. you can only launch the apps that are on the home screen.

go into nova settings>scroll down to advanced>toggle lock layout to on.