How to make Android app from existing one?

Hello All,

I am a commerce student and I do not have any kind of coding or software knowledge however I have good knowledge of computer basics and Microsoft office.

Now let me ask few questions here which may be very easy for anyone having knowledge of coding or programming:

1. Can one create an anandroid app by coping source data/ coding from an app available on play store?

I do the same in Microsoft excel and word. I download readymade templates from web and just edit few data.

Does the same trick work for android app?

Well, I want to create very simple app like below mentioned:

Download From :

I can' t afford to pay money to programmers. Please let me know is it possible to copy source data from this app and create similar app? If yes please guide me step by step. If no then please let me know the easiest way for the same.

Thanks in advance,


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Reverse engineering, or somehow copying the code for a published app breaks the terms of the Google Play Store. And it's also not fair to the original developer, who put in hours of hard work to create the app. You are effectively stealing that work. So why not do the morally correct thing, and either write the code yourself, or pay someone a fair amount to write it for you.

You could learn how to build an app yourself. There are many resources on the web to help you, and there's a lot of code examples out there, which people have provided completely free. You may use that code in your own app.