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How to Make Behold 2 the Best Phone it can be

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NeoAndroid, May 18, 2010.

  1. NeoAndroid

    NeoAndroid Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay, so we all know that we maybe stuck with this phone for a while. I myself can not jump ship yet even if I want to. So, the purpose of this thread is to post your opinion on how we can get the best out of Behold 2 with what we have. Post only if you have a suggestion. Any questions regarding How-To's can easily be searched outside this thread. So here goes.

    In my opinion, the best ROM to use if BHMAN's Galaxy 1.6 R11 with the "sleep bug" fixed. I like the phone and contacts interface and it is faster than the stock 1.6 I use the following apps to give my phone some flair:

    Helix 1.2a for DONUT as a home replacement.
    Chomp SMS for mesaging.
    SkyFire browser since it can play most flash videos online.
    Rings Extended so i can pick any music files as ringtones.
    Sprite Backup.
    LockBot Pro for unlock interface.
    BHMAN's Swype keyboard so it doesn't expire.

    I'll update as I find more apps that will improve the functionality of our phone.

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  2. derrickps3

    derrickps3 Android Enthusiast

    thanks for the tips, i know i sure can't upgrade to another phone either, i have promised myself if i won the bh2 from the samsung giveaway, i would stick with this phone until my contract ends in sept 2011. so i will have to hold off, plus i have other bills and cannot do so just yet anyway, lol. times are tough, and samsung just had to make it even tougher >:O
  3. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    I have to try Helix out see what it's like.
    I am using Opera for my web browsing since I don't need flash video.
    I am using a custom themed version of HTC_IME with Voice to text Link
    I think we are not losing out on much with the 2.1 upgrade. Feature wise you don't get a whole lot. Just Livewallpaper and that's about it. We still get all the apps on 1.6 that we would get with 2.1 (other then the new launcher). 2.2 though would be nice with Flash and hopefully native apps2sd. We'll see.

    Edit: hmmm I can't get Helix 1.2 working on the Take5 rom. Are you using Take5 or Galaxy(Nm I just read your specs)? It tells me when I install that it can't be installed on this phone. Maybe push it instead of just doing a normal install?
  4. DGarmon

    DGarmon Member

    I would like to see Metamorph working on both Behold2 Take5 and Galaxy 11r(12R if it comes out).
  5. NeoAndroid

    NeoAndroid Member
    Thread Starter

    I know that Helix is only for Android phones with WVGA (480x800) Ours is HVGA or 320x480. I am using Helix 1.2A DONUT version which allows us to intall. Drawback is that even though you can get 7 screens, the preview function only shows 5 so I set mine at 5. Here's the file:

    Attached Files:

  6. NeoAndroid

    NeoAndroid Member
    Thread Starter

    I thought BHMAN said that MetaMorph works on R11?
  7. DGarmon

    DGarmon Member

    Hmm...I didn't know that I thought R8 was the last one that worked with the Galaxy Blue theme, OK maybe I will try it. Now, would anyone know if the new version of Meta-morph works since it now uses XML files vs .thm files? I guess I could try it but just don't want to brick my phone LOL.
  8. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    Got it. Thanks, I was using the wrong 1.2 version. Seems quicker and the shortcuts on the bottom are nice. Otherwise I don't notice much difference from Advanced Launcher. I will see how it goes though and in time I might keep it.
  9. mygti02

    mygti02 Newbie

    i completely recommend "taskiller" (no its not spelled wrong, icon is a red android) use the free version. It has made a world of a difference on my wifes phone. Kills all task automagically that you do no want running all the time. Make sure to change settings so it DOES kill tasks when phone screen turns on, and to auto kill tasks at boot.
  10. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    I have a task killer and I never use it. Android comes with it's own task killing process that wont allow the system to run low on memory. 1.6 really optimized this function and as I said I have had no problem using my phone normally and incurring lag because of lack of ram.

    Well actually I can't say I never use it. The only time I do use it is when I need to clear something out of memory. Like if an app is acting up and every time I open it the app will malfunction. That is the only reason I keep a task killer on my phone.
  11. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Android Expert

    Taskkiller is a Gimmick @ Everyone!!! Please stop Recommending these...
    There only Good if You Need to Force exit of a program.
  12. NeoAndroid

    NeoAndroid Member
    Thread Starter

    AutoKiller on the other hand allows you to modify how the Android OS takes care of its memory. You can go from mild to aggressive. FYI, I don't use any of the above. :D

    UPDATE: Using BHMAN Galaxy R11, I get 27.9 FPS on Neocore. Its the fastest ROM from BHMAN.
  13. BH_MAN

    BH_MAN Android Expert

    Yes AutoKiller is Good, I use that as well.. But even it can be as bad as the Rest if not configured correctly :)
  14. deathclutch

    deathclutch Well-Known Member

    do you have a good recomendation for settings?
  15. NeoAndroid

    NeoAndroid Member
    Thread Starter

    "Moderate" is good for normal usage. "Aggressive" if you're constantly using different apps most of the time and Lowest setting if you barely use the phone.
  16. yahma

    yahma Member

    I agree, 2.1 does not offer much above 1.6 for our phones. All the Google apps are now available on 1.6+ (Goggles, Navigation, Sky Map, Listen, etc)

    What would be interesting is if we could get Froyo (2.2) on this phone, as the JIT would really extend the life of the phone.

    I guess that won't be happening any time soon unless we are able to get AOSP working with all the proprietary drivers. Cyanogen will probably be releasing Froyo for the T-Mobile G1 shortly after it drops into AOSP.
  17. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    if we push the Helix Launcher you posted for download do we need to pull or remove the TwLauncher.apk to get it to work or should it work after a reboot? Thnx y'all too bad Samux can't support us like we support each other
  18. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    You shouldn't need to reboot or anything. Just install the apk like any other app and when on the home screen hit home twice. You should be given the option for the Helix Launcher.
    RavenWulf likes this.
  19. RavenWulf

    RavenWulf Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info. I thought that was all I needed to do but wanted to be sure before trying this launcher out. I am a truck driver and didn't want to push it right before leaving the house and have phone go "stupid" on me and be stuck with out comms until I got stopped for the evening.

    Like I said before I love the support from the Android community, between Eugene and his ROMs fixing almost all of the problems with this phone and the rest of y'all helping those of us who are noobs when it comes to smartphones, this community is the bomb.:cool:
  20. suyash1

    suyash1 Well-Known Member

    guys try ADWlauncher from the market for donut, i think it is better then this helixlauncher for donut

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