How to make google voice messenger the default messaging app


I would like all of my outgoing messages to use google voice messenger. This way people only need to know my google voice number - they never need to know the phone number assigned by my carrier. If I use voice command and say "send text to john" it is going to use the stock android messaging app. Is there a way to make google voice messenger the default messaging client?


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I'm curious about this as well... coupled with I'd like to use something like GO SMS with GV. Right now.. whenever I install any 3rd party messaging application, it only seems to work with the stock message app (i.e. my carrier phone number) and not replace GVs terrible (in my opinion laggy and buggy) messenger app.


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Long-press on a blank space on your home screen and create a shortcut to direct-message someone you know.

Click on the shortcut and it'll prompt you to send it with Messenger or with Google Voice. Check to make that the default and then select Google Voice.


I think the OP wants to use voice commands to send a text via GV and you can't do that (yet). You can set GV as the default for texting but when you use a voice command like 'text john' it will open/use the carrier text, not GV.