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how to make sure MP3 tags are copied with the songs?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pomozki, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. pomozki

    pomozki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, has anyone ever managed to copy all their tags when copying MP3s to their S3 ?
    Although you can view each song's tag details in Windows Explorer, it only allows for a limited number of tag columns (e.g, title, album, artist) whereas on the PC itself, the number of tags you can create is vast.
    Worse than that, even though it appears to show some tags, the details aren't always copied. For instance, I copied some songs to my SD card and none of the "year" tags showed up - then I did the job a 2nd time and they all showed up.
    Also, one of the few columns showing in Windows is "track number" - but my column was empty, even though the original songs all have "track number" details
    I've tried opening the folder holding my songs on my SD card but MP3Tag won't recognize the folder
    if someone could tell me how to make sure all my tags gets copied across, I'd be very grateful!
    btw - I only got my phone today - it's S3 GT-I9300, 16gb internal, updated today from 4.0.4 (ice cream?) to 4.1.1 (jellybean?) sorry if I've got the jargon wrong ​

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  2. jgscott987

    jgscott987 Member

    MP3 tags are stored within the MP3 file itself. If you copy the file from one device to another, all of the tags, by definition, go with it. A program would have to go in and individually modify each MP3 file in order for tags to be changed.
  3. pomozki

    pomozki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ah, if only the world were that simple! Unfortunately the Net is full of stories of people who sync songs that end up either losing tags or being somehow corrupt - same with copying files
    even if what you say is right, do you have any idea why Windows Explorer only shows very few tags on the Galaxy. but has countless ones on PCs?
  4. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    What program on your phone are you using to view these tags?
    And also how are you getting the music onto your phone?
  5. pomozki

    pomozki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I used Windows Explorer to view the tags - it only listed a few tags maximum and didn't include some info (like track #s) which were in the MP3 files before I copied them.

    I also used Windows Explorer to copy and paste the MP#s on to the external SD card from the PC
  6. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    You used Windows Explorer to view the tags of tracks which were on your phone? That might be your first problem right there. Your tags could very well be there, but since explorer is looking onto a device with a different operating system it works a little different than it normally would. In other words, maybe they are still there, you just can't see them in explorer.

    Also they way android reads tags is different than the way windows does, and it may not recognize certain tags. It should definitely recognize track number though. What music player do you use? Do they show up correctly in your music player?
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  7. pomozki

    pomozki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    yes, you might be right! - but why would it read some tags but not others?

    um well I've only used the music player the phone came with yesterday - the only tags it shows are the artist, title and album art. I don't know of any Galaxy music player that shows you more tags. I also looked in "my files" which seems to be the phone's version of Windows Explorer but that also only shows artist, title and album cover

    you made me think - is there a Galaxy app that allows you to view all of a file's properties a la Windows Explorer or MP3 tag?
    anyway thanks very much for your reply
  8. Roadie1015

    Roadie1015 Well-Known Member

    Well you could try to download a different music player to see if it works better, I never liked the stock music player.

    Also, it is possible that some of your music as different versions of id3 tags.

    When I go into "my files" and look at the details of an mp3 file all I see is name, size, and date. But if I go through PlayerPro I can see it has all of the correct tags.

    Also sometimes when I add music to my phone it doesn't show up correctly at first. But if I re-add it, it usually fixes it.

    If you posted a screenshot of what you're looking at, it might help people understand the problem better.
  9. pomozki

    pomozki Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Update - you were spot on! I just downloaded an app called AudioTagger and browsed the SD card - almost all the tags I'd created were there after all - it's just that Windows didn't read them
    so happy days - and thanks very much to everyone for their advice!
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  10. phil75231

    phil75231 Well-Known Member

    Wow. I've been looking for something like AudioTagger for a while. I needed a way to edit id tags directly on the phone. Thanks for the tip, it looks awesome!

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