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How to make your Spica run Fast.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Beerkan, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    OK, so maybe not the fastest, but just watch this video of my phone.

    N.B. I'm also running Live Wallapers.

    I've benchmarked it with LinPak, which you can download from MarketPlace.

    LinPak Android Speed test benchmark

    and check your own score.

    There is NO trick to these results, there is a genuine method to speed up your Phone. (Rooted Phone needed)

    The clue is, I've added a some features that come as standard in Android 2.2.

    Enjoy the video, and I'll happily answer questions.

    Beerkan's Galaxy Lite LinPak Score

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  2. adbaby89

    adbaby89 Newbie

    Beerkan!! I am a complete noob! :D Please help me root my phone and get samdroid mod. and also more speed like your video suggested!
    Right now i hv complete "virgin" phone :p
    Android 2.1-update 1
    F/w I570eddjc5
    Please help! any help will be appreciated.
    Also can a non-programmer root his phone?
  3. nehaladsul

    nehaladsul Newbie

    U haven't mentioned how u achieved this.....

  4. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well, it's not through ANY overclocking or hardware trick. It's simply replacing 1 file on the Spica.

    Have you downloaded LinPak? What score did you get?
  5. supra

    supra Newbie

    where's the steps dude?
  6. nehaladsul

    nehaladsul Newbie


    Come on bro... what is all this suspense for??? :thinking:

    No... I did not download linpak nor tested the score....

    If u tell me exactly what u did & i find it reasonable, logical & sensible..... only then I am gonna do anything u say..... :p

    So, either spill the beans.... or keep them to urself!!!
  7. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    Guys, I'm not purposely trying to keep anyone in suspense. Honest.:eek:

    On an unmodded phone your score in LinPak should be around 3.5 - 4.0. You will see that my score is 7.8. However, to install this speed update, is not that easy.

    Firstly, you need a rooted phone.

    I my attempts to get this working I had numerous freezes and hung bootups. I had to flash my firmware at least 4 - 5 times in getting this to work. Each time having to fix issues, and add/remove files from the flash firmware before moving on. I now have a fast and so far very stable and usable phone.

    This speed improvement is a combination of a few mods that exist for the Spica.

    Firstly this mod is similar to how the new Nexus One running Froyo 2.2 shows such a fast increase in speed. ie By using a Just In Time compiler.

    No gimmick, no overclocking, just software. In this case system libraries.

    To install you will need a rooted phone. Once you have a rooted phone, it is much easier to install features. eg. JIT MOD, LiveWallpapers. Tethering etc. etc.

    TO ROOT YOUR PHONE SEE MY ROOT GUIDE Root me baby one more time

    To help root your phone, see this ** NEW LINK *** LK2-08 for original firmwares

    thread for info creating a custom firmware.

    After rooting and updating to kitchen mod, you will then need the xxxxxxx. See this thread for info.


    Becasue this mod replaces some system libraries, you will need to replace the Calculator.apk with this *** NO YOU DON'T *** CALC replacement included in SAMDROID MOD ***

    Take Note: Any mod you install you do so at your own risk. As this mod is still in development, you may experience problems.

    N.B. My experiences may be different from yours.

    Files that will be replaced, or added by xxxxxx.

    *** TOO MANY TO LIST ***

    You can backup these files up with Android Commander.
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  8. nehaladsul

    nehaladsul Newbie

    Well.... that seems pretty comprehensive..... :)

    I am not gonna try it o my Spica though.....!!! Lolzzz :p

    Neway, thanx for the info..... will try it out on a friends phone.....
    He doesn't care about bricking his phone.... I care about mine!!! ;)
  9. Rogdor

    Rogdor Newbie

    Thanks for the info Beerkan. I'm definitely curious.

    LinPack scores aside, how is the JIT MOD for general speed? I'm assuming it's just helping the speed of apps while running them, not launching them. Although I assume better CPU usage also means better Battery life (not that I have anything to complain about with the Spica's 1500mAh battery).

    More importantly, how's the stability with the JIT MOD. Any force-closing apps because of it?
  10. Sister Bob

    Sister Bob Newbie


    downloaded linpack, ran the test: 2.947MFLOPS, time:1.84.

    I want your superior speed, beerkan.

    I'll try it after work tomorrow.
  11. Sister Bob

    Sister Bob Newbie

    Well it took me longer to get around to it than I thought it would, but i tried it...

    I'll be damned if it doesn't work. This is great, thanks Beerkan.

    Uhm would you mind uploading calculator.apk again? or should i just find one on the market?
  12. andy-roid

    andy-roid Android Enthusiast

    ive got a problem my phone doesnt have any legs so it cant run at all
  13. Athalef

    Athalef Lurker

    yea, well...
    anyone tried this?
    can u approve it works?

    beerkan, can u be more specific about
    -what firmware u used (+link),
    -what samdroid mod u used (+link),
    -and some other links necessary here? (like that calculator.apk and stuff...)

    please share ur knowledge with the world... sick and tired of that laggy Spica of mine
  14. yah5

    yah5 Newbie

    Your Spica shouldn't be laggy. When you feel it's a bit laggy, open up a task killer and kill a bunch of stuff that you don't need to be running. Even so, my phone has never been laggy.

    If your phone is rooted, try this method described in the first post. I did it and I do feel a significant speed increase. It also won't kill your battery life like leaving a task killer on all the time.

    Are you using the default launcher? Get launcher pro from the market and notice the smoothness/speed increase.
  15. Athalef

    Athalef Lurker

    my spica is not that laggy...
    i use advanced task killer

    but u saw he's test results.... insane...
  16. prinsesa

    prinsesa Lurker

    Hi Beerkan, that's superior speed you got there. Mind sharing what you actually did? I know you have already explained it in your previous post but maybe a step by step? It will be a big help for few of us who are beginners! Thanks! :D
  17. sebouncer

    sebouncer Lurker

    Heya Beerkan,

    My i5700 benchmark using Linpak =
    MFLOPS = 3.067
    time = 1.77 Sec
  18. gontofe

    gontofe Newbie

    Wow, Linpak showing 8.5 MFLOPS now!

    Not sure when I should actually 'feel' that increased speed though other than showing it on the benchmarking :)

    One other question - how is it that under 'top devices' on Linpack, someone with a i5700 has managed to get 32.22 MFLOPS?
  19. arikyeo

    arikyeo Lurker

    Thanks Beerkan!
    Although the Rapidshare link for the ARM11 calculator was broken, I managed to get past it by searching in Google and finding a Mediafire mirror.
    Before I flashed the JIT mod, my MFLOPS was 1.08. Now, my MFLOPS is 8.89! And all my apps seem to run faster.
    Thanks again Beerkan! :D
  20. mattster

    mattster Lurker

    Many thanks for this guide. i took the plunge this weekend with kitchen mod v.2 and then this. getting mflops 8.5 with no crashes :)
  21. Thats not good then, my unrooted Spica (bearing in mind its running on the LauncherPro app) just benchmarked:
    2.865 MFLOPS :(
    29.26 Seconds
    5.68 Normal Resolution
    2.2.... Precision.
    That seems stupidly low.
    What would you suggest my first course of action to be? :thinking:
    Thanks a bunch.
  22. andy-roid

    andy-roid Android Enthusiast

    still cant find any legs
  23. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Root your phone following my root guide.
    Once rooted install the Samdroid Kitchen MOD, then install the Frozen Eclair Mod Beta 4.

    Your linpak scroes will be over 9.0
  24. Beerkan

    Beerkan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Grow some [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]'s and install 2.1 yourself.
  25. rusky

    rusky Well-Known Member

    Just found this thread after installing FE.

    Score is 7.895!!

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