how to manage and decide what apps i need and use


I'm having trouble trying to decide what applications to continue using. My phone keeps telling me the storage space in my phone is almost full so I'm trying to delete some of the app that I downloaded n some that say they are running... I need to know what the voice dialer is n if it's needed, I'm trying to erase so I can downsize. I'm not even sure the downsizing is what I need to do. I don't know this phone very well yet, and I'm not terribly savvy on computers in general. Please help! Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated!!!


The Doctor
You didnt mention what phone you are using? But basically, if you dont use it regularly, or there isnt really any need for it, you can delete it. On the other hand, if you have an SD card on your phone, you can move some of the apps to it. Download App 2 SD from the market, and use it to move the other apps to your phone's memory card to free up more space.


Android Expert
Is it possible that your phone could be filled up with photos?

Photos are stored on the SD card. Apps are on the internal memory.

If he's getting a warning about internal memory being full, it won't be pictures, videos, music, documents or anything like that. All those are on the SD card.

Regarding the original post:

1) Some apps are system apps. You won't be able to uninstall those unless you are rooted, so if you see something you can't uninstall, that's why.

2) When you go to manage applications screen, you can sort the applications by size. That will help you see what is taking up the most space.

3) You may not need to uninstall apps that are using a lot of space. Some apps cache a lot of data, and when you go into the app, you can clear cache and clear data (instead of uninstalling). Note that when you do this, accounts and settings you setup in the app will all be reset, and you'll need to setup those again. However, this can clear out some old stuff and when you setup again it may use less space. Try this before you uninstall an app you actually use.

Beyond that, look for any apps you tried once but haven't used. Get rid of those.

The suggestion to move some apps to the SD card can also free some space.