How to market the EVO


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We talk about cool features such as the wifi mobile hotspot, 4G capability, dual cameras and big screen but those features mean very little to the general public. What makes the iPhone marketing so effective is their ability to focus on features and apps that you make you WANT one.

I wish Sprint/HTC's marketing dept would highlight features such as:

  • Video Conference. Nothing touches the heart like a grandchild to grandparent video

  • Animated/Live wallpaper. Compare this to the iPhones non-existent or static (OS 4) wallpapers

  • Voice Search
  • Voice Dial
  • Superior Navigation
  • FM Radio
  • Google Goggles
  • Google Sky

  • Google Translate. It's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty damn impressive!

  • Speech to Text. Coming from an iPhone 3GS, this feature is mind blowing!

Sure the Evo has kickass hardware (which is why I pre-ordered 2), but the software is equally impressive.