Apps How to move and resize the rows and columns of Table rows and columns


I am new to Android Development. Appreciate if you could help me. I am trying to build a mobile application that is almost the kind of excel spreadsheet. I build using TableLayouts and TableRows. I wanted to move the rows and/or columns by touching & dragging the border of tablerows and columns same as we do in excel. I tried by attaching a custom view to each table row/column that act as borders and assigning ontouch listeners to those custom views & then tried to make a move using MotionEvent events so that I tried resizing the row size after a move. But it was not so accurate. The move is not flexible, it is causing jerk moves while I touch & move the border views and resizing is not happening correctly & the move is not flexible at all. May I know what are the best options I have in android to achieve this?