How to move apps to external sd

I am a new galaxy s user os android 2.2 froyo I cant really send apps to external sd and my internal sd now is full and my mobile tells me no sufficient memory even I Have an external 8 giga memory please help me


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Hello and welcome to Android Forums! :)

Newer phones and Tablets that include large amounts (by current mobile standards) Like the SGS2 (and my other phone, the Captivate) often partition them so that you don't have a huge amount of system memory that wouldn't be accessible for file storage. On the Captivate (and I am assuming it's similar with your device) Samsung has a 2 GB partition for the system and the remaining 14 GB partitioned and recognized as an sd card by making its mount point /sdcard.

Therein lies the problem. The path to external storage within Android is /sdcard so apps that are installed to external storage will be there, which is the internal sd partition, not the removable sd card. On the Captivate the path to the removable sd card is /sdcard/sd_external, on my SGS2 it's /sdcard/external_sd and on my Transformer is /Removable/Microsd.

That's the reason why apps won't move to an external sd card if you have an internal partition. Perhaps you can move media like music, photos and videos to the external card.