How to move Nexus 4 AT&T prepaid to Nexus 5 prepaid and keep number?


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I got the wife a Nexus 5 and want to switch it from her Nexus 4.

She has been using AT&T prepaid on her N4. How do I swap it and be able to keep her number?

Do I have to call AT&T or anything or just swap Sim and reboot?


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The only "gotcha" would be if they used different size sims, but both the 4 and the 5 use micro sims, so it will be a straight up swap.


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Just swap the sim. That's all it takes. :D
I would have to agree as well here's an example.. I used to have back stabbing t mobile i forgot the model of phone but it was a new android phone but n because it wasn't a micro sim I stuck it in a old Motorola zv3 flip phone from at&t long behold everything worked cell txt n web dang old phone hadn't seen a single charge in ages yearrsss.