Android Expert
Nov 12, 2009
North Alabama
Before I started using a drawing security pattern to bring my droid out of unlock mode I had the little green unlock circle on the left side and a speaker circle on the right side. The speaker circle would mute all sound and turn off the speaker on my droid. Now that I am using the security pattern I do not have that option anymore.

How do I turn of the speaker now, with one button?
I agree with messenger13 that it can't be done unless you choose not to use the lock pattern.

There is an app called "Mute" however that will do this from one of your home screens. It has to be placed on the screen as a Widget after downloading. Found that it works perfect.
When you use the power button or the volume controls, does this mute ALL (text, email, etc.) sounds, or just the ringer? I wanted a way to mute all sound quickly say if I am in a movie or a meeting, and when I get out, it is restored back to the original settings. I am using timeriffic, which changes global settings based on a schedule, but also need something for just one time events and restore back.