Aug 1, 2011
I would really appreciate your help on this.
First, I know there are several threads on this like

but the answer has not been given (or if it has, it does not work!)

Second, it is kinda funny, ALL books on android cover "how to create a NEW project" but none of them cover "how to OPEN an existing one", and they provide source code which I would like to try but I cant open their source code... so after months I am still in the first chapter :(

So please could someone give me a detailed method of how to open an existing project (android) with eclipse, project I have not created but downloaded from a book source.

Thanks a lot very very much


P.S. I ve noticed the interface for creating a new project has change, before people said "use create project from existing source". well that didnt work on that time and now the create window does not even have that option :(

PS2. I managed to "import" one project but it doesnt work anymore
turns out all projects get the name "MainActivity" so that works only once
hey folks.

I am having trouble loading or opening an app to eclipse just like orginal poster. I am new to app development and have followed the tutorial to creat myfirstapp on developer.android webpage.
I managed to create the app and operate it.
When i close out eclipse and go back in.. how do i get the app open again so i can run it again!!!

i have tried the import app... and the android project from exsiting code but it give me an error.

i enter the root directory.. and it shows the app.
i then select the app and click finish.
the error i get is

Invalid Project Description: ....\workspace\myfirstapp overlaps the location of another project: 'myfirstapp'

how can this be!!!!! this is the app i want to open.
anyone help?
ive finally found out how to do it!

the key to opening an existing project in the workspace is to make sure the Package explorer is in view. To show the package explorer.. click window -> show view -> Package explorer.

This will show all app in the workspace folder. To run a specific app.. highlight it in the package explorer and hit the run button.

Additionally.. if you download an app (code etc) you have to import it to the workspace folder using the import function or the File - new project - android - Android project from existing code.

hope this helps!