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How to overcome rooting Android drawbacks risks?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    I am trying to root my mobile device main reason was to move apps or use apps like app2sd link2sd apps for moving apps but I forums experts suggested many alternatives. A solution to format as as internal and moving app to SD card and editing app manifest without rooting it's partly working.

    As Google and forums answers many recommended not good to move all apps to sd card.it's good to move static files as random using file may slow down proces.

    So I thought except apps moving what's benefits and Drawbacks of rooting and is worth it so founded following benefits and drawbacks

    Benefits and alternatives

    1. Periodical backup of stock ROM (Alternative without rooting adb pull)
    2. Uninstalling bloatwares system apps (Alternative disable apps)
    3. Moving apps (Alternate format As internal editing mainfest moving apps)
    4. Installing flashing custom Roms (Risky but can be used virtually without flashing)
    5. Cleaning David cache and junks in system (risky not mistakenly delete s any system file)
    6. Battery optimization
    7. Sound optimization
    8. Tweaking
    9. Hacking patching apps games
    10. overclocking
    11. Blocking Advt ads free
    12. Hacking wifi
    13. Using VPN on mobile
    Drawbacks and solutions
    1. Void warraNty( no warranty left)
    2. Bricking phone (backup stock ROM)
    3. Virus malware spyware ransomware
    4. hacking of camera or calls recording
    5. Update of Android and apps
    6. Banking or payment gateways don't work
    7. Tweaks risks
    8. Wrong file delete or wrong settings can harm
    Now my queries :-

    1. Can we root and tweak or modify any settings and later unrooot then will these modification alterations changes modifications work after unrooting to or not?

    2. Can we do factory reset without unrooting if something some settings goes wrong will factory reset recover us unrooted versions of android back

    3. Does while rooting if mobile device software bricks, then Will hard reset factory reset work, if not, then will bootloader mode work. As I want to recover Stock ROM system files by loading adb or fastboot twrprecovery.img after software bricking. can stock ROM system boot be recovered by recovering stock from or flashing from from backup system boot userdata images through tarp recovery or adb pull or DD if commands. If after software bricking hard rest I menu or bootloader or twrp recovery menu don't work then how can we recover back or flash back the stock from.

    4. Will link2sd apps moved apps work if we root mobile device and move or link apps external micro SD card and then Unroot or link2sd app constantly permanently need rooted phone to link update link every time booting the phone.

    5. How can we protect the rooted phone from malware spyware ransomware or from hacking any way firewalls or way to protect them? Is there any way out any firewall antivirus VPN way out in rooted phone or if we unroot phone after modifying tweaking then will unooted. Phone more secure safe or will be secure with antivirus atmosphere antimalware or malware

    6. As OEMs Android updates and apps update not work in rooted phone is there any way out to update those or to auto download be auto notify for new update for. Apps.

    7. As banking payment gateway apps blocks is there any way out to use the. After locking or magisk have option of hiding root info

    8. In all I want expert advice opinions and to ask how to overcome secure from Disadvantages of rooting mobiles

    9. At last I want expert advice that is rooting worth it in sacrificing security and opening mobile for hackers malware's spyware. if I don't root than can the advantages of rooting be achieved by alternate apps or advice shall fast boot commands it alternative ways to modify tweaking mobile layout sound wifi vpn without rooting.
    11. What is major work or main best benefit of rooting which cant be achieved partially without rooting ..

    12. Does mobile become secure and cannot. We overcome rooting drawbacks if we root make tweaks and then unrooot it.

    13.. Does after rooting through kingoroot iroot or twrp or magisk after unooting leaves any after strains or left out files in mobiles which one of rooting procedure is safe and good for rooting and unrooting

    Kindly do forgive any mistake kindly do correct me if I am wrong somewhere bcoz correcting my knowledge mistakes will improve my and other readers doubts and improves our knowledge.

    Thanks for sparing time for reading long question and thanks a lot for replying sharing your precious time advice opinions

    Any more advices opinions suggestions are most welcomed

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    your english is a bit off so i will try my best to answer as i understand your questions.
    1.yes unrooting will not only delete data, but it will revert everything back to stock.

    2.no need to factory reset if you have a custom recovery like TWRP. you can make and restore nandroid backups as needed.

    3.flashing a firmware update can usually fix most soft bricks. but as long as you have TWRP(custom recovery) there is no need to flash a firmware update. firmware updates are basically your stock roms that most manufacturers will put out.

    4.link2sd should work as intended, but it is a very old technology and most devs are not supporting it. newer devices these days do not need link2sd anymore as ram and storage has gotten much bigger on most phones.

    5.just like anything else, use your common sense. there are no viruses, but there is malware. so you just need to make sure anything that gets installed is legit. but this is something that you can control by checking the permissions for each app that you want to install.

    6.it will depend on the device and whether there is a community of developers supporting the phone or not. if there is and there is an update, you just need to wait for a developer to create a custom rom based off of the latest update. accepting an update on a rooted phone, has the potential to unroot your phone or even soft bricking it. so never accept an update while rooted.

    7.it depends on the device, but i believe magisk should work with most banking apps.

    8-9.its been so long since i last rooted my phone. i have been getting all of the samsung flagship phones for over a decade and never seen a need to root it. this is because all of the reasons, save for a few, to root the phone have been addressed. things like storage space, battery life and speed of the phone is all where i like them. it was only in the hay days of android did we really need to root to really get the most of the devices back then.

    so the first thing you want to do is go to the xda forums and look for you specific device. if there is a forum for your phone and it is still active, then i would say go for rooting the phone. but if there is no forum, then that means that there is no dev community. just remember this:

    no devs=no fun

    hope that helps and keep the questions coming if you have them.
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  3. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Just to add on a specific question asked in question 2: no, a factory reset will not revert you to an unrooted android. All that a factory reset does is remove user-installed apps and clear app data, caches and sets settings to default values. It doesn't change the system software in any way, so will not unroot, will not revert to the original android version, and will not undo any changes you make to the system software (including not fixing errors you may make when trying to change it). It just erases data.

    The name "factory reset" can be misleading really. If you have a phone whose system software has not been updated or modified it does return it to the state it was out of the factory (because it removes everything you have added), but people tend to think it means that it returns the system software to the original state too, which it does not do.
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  4. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro really lots and lots of thanks to read and reply my question point to point I am great fun obliged and thankful to you for sharing your precious time knowledge and advice opinions suggestion. Brother you are great genius helpful person god bless .

    @ocnbrze bro thanks a lot again. Sorry brother actually the day I typed the question I was sleepy and exhausted and night and was to late to sleep and did not re-readed or corrected the question as was getting late to sleep. Actually the autocorrect changed the spelling and sorry for not typing correctly and spell grammatical mistakes do forgive it small brother and do correct me for.mistake so that I can improve.thanks a lot for pointing my mistakes and correcting me.inhave tried to correct English typo mistakes auto correct and modified the queries. And made it clear.hope help you rightly answer more queries

    @ocnbrze bro my first question was unreadable uncoorrect previously my mistake I corrected now I mean to ask that will that will changes modifications done while rooting in boot.init or Android settng or PM SM command or any tweaks will be sustained if we unrooot it afterwards or it will be washed or deleted conveted to default after unrooting.

    Second questions means that if we factory reset after rooting then do it unrooot it change back to default settings or not or we should first unrooot uninstall before and then after do factory reset yes twrp restore or recover from.images option is there but sometime it's fails as giving mount encryption error in these days.

    @ocnbrze bro yes you are right. Flashing the firmware solve bricking but I want to self flash without service center help. So I asked if soft broking happens then will will bootloader mode work and can hard reset menu shows booting bootloader because for flashing we need bootloader menu. Secondly twrp recovery restore can work.to but some time it gets fails to mount or restore so double assure myself to take twrp backup images and and pull images so can restore or recover from them somehow so that not get stuck after bricking of phone.

    Link2sd works in old phone yes I have old Android 6.0 phone with 16gb internal ROM from which 11GB is occupied by android OS and system software and 5 GB free for user apps pics documents photos and.videos. so I am trying to use link2sd any other option to move install apps to SD so that I can install 100-200 professional user apps.

    My question for link2sd app was that after rooting if I move apps to external SD card as link2sd links the apps files through script and on booting in boot.init it update links syncs libs files so my query was that can I indoor after moving linking apps to micro SD card through link2ssd and then unrooot the phone when moving and tweaks setting done. Then will those linking tweaks moving is apps stains after uprooting to or.its changed to default or linked require regular constant rooting prevailed to work with linking apps to add card.

    @ocnbrze bro great reply thanks a lot,. As we download apps from Google play store which are always legit but many system apps are not available which I generally download from apkpure.clm or uptodwon.com or apkmirror.com and.manybsuch sites I generally check test for malware from. Virustotal.com or metadefender.com which check it from multivitamin but it can check the modified or light of all files any suggestions apps antivirus it malware to test the app files valuenerbilty kindly suggest

    The major risk is that someone can attaching call or camera recording or can hack contact or banking data with the app so I want to ask how can we secure by firewall or configuring VP so that I address can be fooled by configuring or barring with firewall or by encrypting banking data accounts password

    Thirdly you have nice idea for.managing permission any good advice to good permision manger apps which prompts alerts warns for permissions left opened . Or manages permissions easily on rooted and uprooted phones to.

    @ocnbrze bro great reply thanks a lot, nice suggestion advice opinion that we should not update while phone is rooted . Can we unrooot mobile and update apps then will update change tweaks settings done modified while rooting or not? Is there 3rd party app like Google play which mannulay check apps and give alert notification for me apps update availability while uprooted or on uprooted phone.

    Which website s you think can suggest provide authenticate all updated files or.old version files kindly suggest good sites or apps.

    @ocnbrze bro thanks a lot, yes you are right Samsung m30 and above mobiles are great I .To planning to get set but waiting for launch of 5g phones in India and meanwhile will scrutnize test apps so that I install tested apps on it .

    Meanwhile I to fell rooting is not worth except tweaking or altering changes if we have huge internL memory and good battery power then no need for rooting still can u suggest me that can we use VPN and virtually boot custom.roms on unrolled mobile pbones

    @ocnbrze my phone is Lyf water 8 ls-5015 I think it's not.listed on devices but it has questions answers in some XDA forums to . Unfounded custom.rom. And others app for device in other websites but not in XDA. As my water 8 is marketed by joining India I think it's hawai or another model.ls-5015 model in other.coumtries. manufacturer is Baker or Hawaii don't remember

    For my knowledge kindly tell that do XDA devices listed do developers shares custom Roms apps for free or they charge for it. Can we hire developers in XDA or any website for customized Taylor made apps .Will it be genuine and safe.

    @ocnbrze bro nice Attitude great thanks

    Updated new questions listed below if you can answer or give your opinion suggestions
    12. What is major work or main best benefit of rooting which cant be achieved partially without rooting ..
    13. Does mobile become secure and cannot. We overcome rooting drawbacks if we root make tweaks and then unrooot it.
    14. Does after rooting through kingoroot iroot or twrp or magisk after unooting leaves any after strains or left out files in mobiles which one of rooting procedure is safe and good for rooting and unrooting
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  5. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @Hadron bro thank a lot for your precious time advice opinion suggestions reply nice suggestions yes you are right great...Yes you are right I have seen that system Android updates are written to system boot and the factory reset can't even convert back to original Android version when it was released

    Is there any other way except to backup stock Tom and flashing to recover factory realised Android in emergency. If yes Then do suggest
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    There are only 2 ways I can think of to recover the stock Android ROM:

    1) One a device with a custom recovery you can back the ROM up before modifying it, then you can restore the backup if needed.

    2) You can reflash the device with a stock ROM from the manufacturer (method and even availability varies between manufacturers). This will unroot, remove any custom recovery or other modifications, and return the phone completely to stock.

    I would usually advise anyone considering rooting to make sure they are able to do both. Find out where to download stock firmware for their phone and how to install it, and download a copy. Then before making any changes to the ROM use a custom recovery to make a backup (often referred to as a "nandroid" backup). If your device allows you to root using the common procedure of "unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery, use recovery to flash other packages to root the phone" you should take the nandroid backup immediately after flashing the custom recovery, before changing anything else (you can also take a second backup later if you want, but backing up before you do anything that might mess the ROM up if it goes wrong is the best plan).

    Note that restoring the stock software either way is likely to remove data from your phone. Flashing stock firmware will do a factory reset on most phones. Restoring a nandroid will by default restore the apps and data you had installed when you took the backup, which will overwrite anything you've done since. So either way you should try to back your data up before returning to stock, if you can.
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