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How to package my own ota up date file.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by kbkjamar, Oct 3, 2019.

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    We need more info then just hi.
    What are you trying to do? What device do you have? Why do you need to do it?
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    To create an ota and actually use it, you'll need root. If you're rooted, there's no point in an ota. Just use twrp to make backups that you can restore.
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    Ok so this is whats happening i am going to start from the beginng i have a tablet that can only be updated via computer usb connect no wifi. It will up date once i connect to the companies server and it detects the device. And then it will send the nessary files to the tablet once i unplug the device about 5 to 10 seconds later a white screen appears for a sslit second and then a black screen with a message saying processing sytem update then 5 to 10 seconds later it says applying package of what ever name is on the file or numbers and then the tablet resets it self and what ever the package/update was in the file is applied to the tablet. Ok this is what i want to know. I was recently. able. To plug the tablet into a computer and see the place the update gose. Theres a folder named omega when i clicked on this folder i could see i guess file and md5 file with the names of the packages the screen showed after i unplugged it from the computer and it said processing system update applying package of what ever name is on the file or numbers. So then i realized that it might be possible to drop the file in that folder the process seemed simlar to OTA just via usb. the md5 file had this name omega_facebook.md5 when i clicked it it had a string of numbers in it i think 32. So i requested another apk from the computer from the company the apk was a game (call jack in the box.1.2.5.apk) it cost 3 dollars i then pulged the device into the computer and once the notification came across the screen downlaod 100 percent. I unplugged the tablet but this time i quickly tunred the device off and pluged it in to a computer and mounted it. I seen the same folder omega i clicked it and this time i was able to see the game i had downloaded only it wasnt an apk it was a zip file with the omega_jack-in-the-box.1.2.5_1342113507478.zip With another file beneath it with the same name but diffrent file ext the file extension was md5. I pulled both files and placed them on my desktop a and turned the tablet on nothing happened. I then had another tablet with the same folder i placed both the zip and md5 file on to that device and unplugged it and the device flashed white momentarily and went to the black screen and sad processing system update applying package of what ever name is on the file. I then told my friend what had happen and he took the tablet and asked if it could be possible to install are own apks and software update through this folder omega folder. So he found some tech guy that told him yes and showed him he and it worked but he wont tell me how he did this. When i was a able to view his tablet i seen that it had only the md5 file left nolonger the zip file with the game name on it but then i started to see files that were not in that folder when i had first seen it they had file extension sh and it was giving some type of instructions. I will send pics.
    My question is whwhat is in the zip files of the game that i requested and how can i recreate this same process manually. I know it is possible because the guy has tons of new apps that are not in The app store the company provides. Tell me how he did this please And when i try to zip an apk and apply a md5 file and put the name of the omega first. And unplug it from my computer it then flashes and says processing system update but then the tablet abruptly cuts off and nothing. I turn it on and it did not apply the apk i want. But when i drop the zip file and md5 file of any zip file the company sends it work just not the apps i want. 
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    I dont know how but the comany that maks these tablet aloow this folder to execute commands from the sdcard or virtual sdcard the folder is called omega
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    ok this is much better then just hi...........LOL

    the zip file that was downloaded on your pc, can you extract it? i bet the .apk file is there once you get the apk just move to your tablet. in your files app or if you have a file explorer app you can then locate your apk and select it and an option should pop up to install it.

    what tablet do you have?
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    No there using there software against them in some way I've read the results.bin file located in the omega folder is there a way i could send you files i have a copy of all the scripts the guy left behind on how he did this they used busybox to carry out most of the commands i can also tell you witcg ones were the company and witch ones he altered do u have email


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