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How To Place Coby MID9742 into Recovery Mode

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SonySony, May 2, 2012.

  1. SonySony

    SonySony Member
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    How To Place Coby MID9742 into Recovery Mode (system recovery utility).
    Turn the MID9742 Off before you try this procedure:

    1) Press and Hold.. VolumeUp & Back button ...
    2) While still holding above .... Press & Hold Power button. (30 Seconds)
    3) When a Big Green Android Robot appears, Release all buttons. .... You are in Recovery Mode
    4) hit the BACK button and you will see the options

    --HINT - if the word "android" appears you failed- LONG/HOLD Power to Turn/OFF tabet then try again. - Start at # 1

    You will see the following Menu:

    Android system recovery -- Android system recovery utility

    - Apply update from external storage
    - wipe data/factory reset
    - wipe cache partition
    - apply update from cache

    The 2nd option (wipe data/factory reset) should restore to factory condition.

  2. raihanbuet

    raihanbuet Lurker

    is the the same process to do the factory reset???


    i tried it my MID 9742 but recovery mood is not coming always goes to android screen.
  3. faisal jee

    faisal jee Lurker

    same problam not in to recovery mode or boot mode
  4. Freddy 08

    Freddy 08 Lurker

    I'm still getting the android sign so what should I try next and ty for the response
  5. Freddy 08

    Freddy 08 Lurker

    Can someone help me with unlocking my colby kyro mid9742 please and thanks

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