Jan 5, 2014
I have a 9" Irulu 16 GB Android 4.4 tablet about a week ago.
Just bought a chromcast, the new version.
I have limited experience with Android tablet and none in Chromcast.
After a long search, I found out I had to install the Chromcast app from Google Store. Nobody told me that.
I did that and I am now able to watch movies on my TV by clicking at the Chromcast icon at top right corner.
BUT, I have no idea how to play games on TV. Games were installed from Google Play Store.
When I open a game, I cannot see the Chromcast icon like I see in movies.
Need someone to teach me.
Thank you.
The chromcast package box has Google Play listed.
The followings are on the list ( in logo and in name )...................
You Tube, Netflix, Crave TV, MLB.TV, Shomi, (a logo I do not recognize), and lastly Google Play.

Head there, scroll down to Games and that will give you a list of games compatible with chromecast.

Sorry. That is not it.
Before I posted the question here, I had already tried that link.
I installed the Angry Birds. I can play it in my tablet, but not on TV.
In short, there are no "games" that can be played on TV using chromecast.
I have to go back and use the hdmi cable.

Note the article points out the drawbacks to casting your tablet's screen as opposed to an online streaming app that has Chromecast support built into it (i.e. the Netflix app, Youtube app, etc.)

Thank you.
Sorry to say, that article does not help me on how to play games on TV.
I had read that article while I was trying to figure out how to "set me up". I am aware of it.

Thank you for trying.
I'll resort to using the hdmi cable for now.
Oh Wait !.
I got it.
Thank you, svim, for the article. After reading it again. I realize I misunderstood what it said.

OK, I can play games now. Thank you very much, svim.
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